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10 Tangerine Benefits and Side Effects

10 Tangerine Benefits and Side Effects
10 Tangerine Benefits and Side Effects (Pixabay)
10 Tangerine Benefits and Side Effects
10 Tangerine Benefits and Side Effects (Pixabay)

1. It replaces vitamins and C

If you are looking for a representative fruit rich in vitamin C, of ​​course it will be tangerine, right? Mandarin oranges are called ‘tangerines of vitamins’. Since they contain a whopping 44mg of vitamin C per 100g of mandarin oranges, it has the effect of replenishing the recommended daily amount of vitamin C (100mg) for adults even if you consume just 2-3 oranges per day for adults. Yes..Vitamin C, as we all know, strengthens the immune system of our body and helps to avoid catching a cold in the middle of winter. November is the season of flu season. Eat a lot of tangerines and have a healthy winter.

2. It has a good effect on skin beauty.

Tangerine has a cosmetic effect that greatly helps women to beautify their skin. Vitamin C is effective in removing skin blemishes such as spots and freckles. Vitamin C not only brightens and brightens the skin, but also has a whitening effect. Tangerine has the effect of smoothing the skin of women, making the skin clear and beautiful, and preventing skin aging. In addition, other effects of mandarin oranges are said to be excellent for removing blemishes, freckles, and blemishes. Mandarin oranges are cheap, so if you buy a boxed mandarin and do not eat it quickly, the mandarin will go bad. You can see a good cosmetic effect.

3. It has the effect of strengthening immunity.

Tangerine has the effect of strengthening the immune system. When the immune system of the body is weakened, various diseases occur. If you consume tangerines, you can improve your immunity due to the abundant vitamin C. In addition, tangerines are rich in vitamins and beta-cryptoxanthin, so people who eat tangerines regularly have twice as much bone density as those who don’t eat tangerines, which has the effect of preventing arthritis and osteoporosis. In addition, “beta-cliptoxanthin” contained in tangerines prevents cancer and enhances immunity. The flavonoids and gumarin contained in mandarin oranges have excellent effects on growth inhibition and antibacterial action of malignant tumors.

4. It helps to recover from fatigue and prevent colds.

Mandarin oranges have a great role in preventing colds and recovering from fatigue. Tangerines are said to relieve the body’s fatigue from oxidation of blood. Tangerine is an alkaline fruit and has the effect of relieving fatigue. Mandarin oranges, which have an excellent effect on colds, are rich in vitamin C, which makes the skin and mucous membranes strong, and is very effective in preventing colds.

5. It has a function to help increase appetite.

Tangerine has the effect of helping poor appetite. Tangerines are rich in citric acid. This citric acid boosts metabolism. The more active your metabolism, the less fatigue you will feel. In addition, citric acid is good for appetite promotion, so eating tangerines when you have no appetite can stimulate your appetite.

6. It has the function of improving vascular disease and preventing high blood pressure.

Another effect of mandarin oranges is that they are very helpful in improving blood vessel disease and preventing high blood pressure in advance. In addition, the effect of mandarin oranges has the function of helping to improve turbid blood vessels. In addition, it has the effect of helping with high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis disease. The reason is that vitamin P contained in vitamins makes blood vessels strong, and vitamin C prevents the deposition of cholesterol in blood vessels. Among fruits, the vitamin contained only in mandarin oranges protects capillaries, so mandarin oranges are good for high blood pressure. It’s a great food that doesn’t exist.

8. There is a function to improve the constitution of a person.

Tangerine has the effect of improving the constitution of a person. It is said that the characteristic of the constitution of long-lived people is weak alkalinity. After all, weak alkaline constitution means longevity constitution. However, most of the diets we eat are grain-based carbohydrate diets. A carbohydrate diet makes a person’s constitution acidic. Among the effects of mandarin oranges, it is said that the best thing about it is that it transforms a person with an acidic constitution into a weakly alkaline constitution with a healthy constitution.

9. It has a function that helps prevent constipation and colon cancer.

Mandarin oranges have the ability to help prevent constipation and colon cancer. When a mandarin orange is peeled, the white fiber attached to the flesh is rich in dietary fiber and pectin. This white core fiber makes the bowel movement in our body active and prevents constipation, and the pectin component has the effect of removing heavy metals and toxins from the body to prevent colon cancer.

10. It has features that help relieve stress.

Tangerine has the effect of helping to relieve stress. Stress is said to be the root of all diseases. Tangerines help relieve this stress. Stress causes many side effects in our body, and it is said that vitamin C and terpene, an aromatic component, contained in tangerine stimulate the central nervous system and help relieve stress. Stress caused by chronic and excessive life injures a person’s body. When that stress accumulates for a long time, it leads to hair loss, obesity, and insomnia. If you eat tangerines frequently, you can prevent these side effects from stress in advance.

Tangerine Side Effects

Tangerines are rich in vitamin C, which is both an advantage and a disadvantage. The reason is that there can be side effects that can cause stomach pain and heartburn if you take too much vitamin C. If there are too many free radicals in the body, the body’s defense function may deteriorate. Tangerine is high in sugar, so if you are diabetic, consuming too much tangerine may have side effects that can worsen your diabetes.

In addition, there is a side effect of yellowing the skin if you consume too much tangerine. However, you do not have to worry too much as this yellowing symptom will disappear when you stop consuming tangerines. I hope you have a delicious and healthy winter with yellow tangerines that make your mouth water just by looking at them.

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