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Top 9 Food Ideas For Kids


Kids are picky eaters, and encouraging them to have healthy food is another task altogether. But, fret not as here we bring forth some brilliant ideas to ensure that your child is getting all the required nutrients.

Read on to know the top 9 food ideas for kids, that your kids, as well as the entire family, will enjoy.

  1. Porridge: It is important that the first meal of the day is nutritious and filling. This is applicable not just for kids but also for adults so it is important that breakfast is a hearty meal with healthy foods on the table. Choose to make porridge for your kids. Oatmeal contains a high amount of fiber, which is good for health. Add your kid’s favorite fruits like blueberries or bananas and a power-packed breakfast is ready, which will keep your kid energized all day.
  2. Yogurt with fruits: Yogurt is a healthy food item and your kids will surely love it. Team it up with seasonal fruits like strawberries, mangoes, plums, or strawberries and your healthy snack is ready.
  3. Pasta: Pasta is a favorite amongst all the kids. They will love to have it on any day. And, the best part is that you can perk up the pasta with lots of nutritious vegetables. So, be it carrots, spinach, mushrooms, cabbage, or tofu, add them to the pasta yet there will be no complaints and a no-fuss mealtime.
  4. Vegetable soup: A delicious soup is something that your kids will surely love. Add pureed vegetables into the soup and it will not only ensure that the kids are having the vegetables but will also enhance the flavor. Team it up with some garlic breadsticks or cheese toasts and you will be sure to see happy smiles on your kid’s face.
  5. Omelets: You can experiment with eggs by making omelets of different types. Add spinach and cheese to make a healthy breakfast. Or, add boiled chicken strips and onion for a protein-filled omelet or just make a cheesy omelet with eggs and cheese.
  6. Lentil soup: Prepare lentil soup with sweet potato to pack the simple lentil soup with more proteins, vitamins, and minerals. This is really very easy to make and the sweet taste will be loved by the kids.
  7. Tomato soup: Another easy to prepare soup, tomato soup is mostly loved by the kids. You can make it more delicious by adding cream to it and serve it along with spring roll or sausages.
  8. Veggie loaded pizza: Who will not love a pizza? Sneak vegetables like tomatoes, beans, bell peppers, onion to the pizza as toppings, and load it with cheese. Your kids will surely not be able to say no to it.
  9. Sorbets: Make fruit sorbets at home for desserts. Choose fruits like strawberries, mangoes, watermelons, bananas, or kiwi and replace the refined sugar with honey to make healthy desserts. You can rest assured that your kids will love it and will be asking for more.
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