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Top 6 Safety Tips For Coloring Your Hair During Pregnancy


Hair color, both the permanent ones as well as the semi-permanent ones contain a lot of chemicals, however, most of it is not highly toxic. During pregnancy, it is essential that mommy-to-be is careful to ensure no harm is caused to the baby. However, studies suggest that it is pretty safe to color your hair. This is because, while coloring your hair, you are exposed to a lesser amount of chemicals and there is very little chance of the chemicals reaching your baby. However, it is essential that you take some precautions and safety measures while coloring your hair during pregnancy.

Before we proceed to the top 6 safety tips for coloring your hair during pregnancy, read on about the most common questions that you may have in your mind.

Can I color my hair during the first 12 weeks?

The first 12 weeks or the first trimester is the most crucial time in terms of the development of the baby. This is because it is during this time major developments like taking shape of the vital organs, the muscles, and also the vocal cords take place. Moreover, during the time, the hair follicles and also the nail beds start developing. So, it is advised that you avoid coloring your hair during the first trimester. And once the second trimester starts, you can opt to color your hair.

Is the hair dye absorbed into the skin and can it pose a threat to my baby?

Studies suggest that a small amount of hair color is actually absorbed by the skin on your scalp. However, it is a very small amount. Chemicals in hair color are not highly toxic so, it will not pose any problem. Moreover, the small amount absorbed by the skin will not be able to reach the fetus. So, you can rest assured that it will not be harmful to the baby.

Read on to learn about the top 6 safety tips for coloring your hair during pregnancy:

  1. Test for allergy: Before you apply the hair color, do a patch test for any allergic reactions.
  2. Wear gloves: While applying color on your hair, be sure to wear gloves.
  3. Don’t leave the color on your hair for too long: Once you have completed the duration for the color to develop, wash off your hair. Avoid, leaving it for a longer duration.
  4. Wash your hair properly: It is important that you wash your hair thoroughly, Ensure that there is no residue of the color left behind in your hair or scalp.
  5. Highlight your hair: You can highlight your hair, rather than global color. With highlights, hair color will be applied to only some portions of your so, less hair dye will be absorbed through your skin.
  6. Change in hair texture: Due to the hormonal change during pregnancy, there can be a natural change in your hair texture and also the effects of hair color, leading to different results.
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