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Top 6 Food With High Zinc to Boost Your Immune System


Zinc plays an important role in our body. It ensures that the cells in our bodies are functioning properly. This mineral also plays a pivotal part in strengthening the immune system, facilitating efficient breaking down of the carbs in our body, healing wounds, and optimal thyroid functioning.

A small amount of zinc is required by our body daily for maintaining a healthy immune system and also for the health of our hair, nails, and skin. The deficiency of zinc can lead to lesser absorption of food in the body and is often related to type-2 diabetes. The symptoms of zinc deficiency include hair fall, nausea, diarrhea, loss of appetite, and dry or rough skin.

Notably, zinc is effective in treating common ailments like diarrhea in children, common cold as well as skin problems like acne or psoriasis.

However, this nutrient is not produced naturally in our body so we need to consume foods that will provide it to our body and fulfill the daily requirement of zinc. Additionally, zinc is not stored in our body, so you need to ensure that every day you are meeting the requirement of zinc through food or supplements.

Read on to know more about the top 6 food with high zinc content, which will fulfill your daily requirement:


A handful of nuts will also provide you with zinc and nutrients along with healthy fats and fibers. You can mix nuts like cashew, peanuts, almonds, and pine nuts and keep them handy as a healthy snack which is high on zinc content too. Moreover, nuts will also promote the health of your heart and reduce the chances of diabetes and cancer.


Shellfish like oysters contains a high amount of zinc and will help you meet your daily requirement. Other types of shellfish like mussels and shrimps also contain zinc but it is a bit less as compared to oysters.


Red meat like lamb, pork, or beef contains a high amount of zinc and will help you meet your daily requirement. Along with zinc, meat also contains nutrients like iron. However, caution needs to be exercised in terms of the amount of processed meat that is consumed as red meat is linked with a higher risk of heart diseases. So, it is best to consume unprocessed meat along with fruits and vegetables for a balanced diet.


Eggs contain a fair amount of zinc along with other nutrients like selenium, choline, and B vitamins.


Seeds can also add zinc to your diet and help you meet the daily requirement. Seeds like pumpkin seeds, sesame, squash seeds, and hemp seeds, will add a high amount of zinc to your diet along with fibers, vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats.

Dairy products

Dairy products like milk and cheese are sources of bioavailable zinc, which can be absorbed by your body. It is a known fact that milk and milk products are also packed with other nutrients like calcium, protein, and vitamin D.


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