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Top 5 Tips to Help Parents Cope With Brand Marketing Pressure


In today’s world children are not just tech-savvy but also brand conscious. Thanks to the marketing strategies, kids are even more aware of the newest trends, be it the latest model of smartphone or a new collection of denim from a branded store. They also become so attracted to the latest trends that they start their demands and tantrums.

Parents often give in to the demands of their kids as they do not want their children to feel deprived or left out in front of their friends. Moreover, due to the fast-paced life and hectic schedules, parents are not able to give much time to their kids. Thus, they feel that fulfilling their child’s demands will make up for the time that they cannot give, even after knowing that it is not the right thing to do.

Brands are present everywhere so the best that you can do is restrain yourself and set limits for yourself and for your kids too. So, here we present the top 5 tips for parents to cope with brand pressure.

Practice what you preach

Start with yourself. Before you can actually discipline your kids, you need to discipline yourself as kids learn from their parents. If you are obsessed with brands, you cannot teach your kids to steer away from brands. Stop being extravagant and choose cost-effective products. This will send the right signal to your kids and they will follow your footsteps.

Limit pocket money

Kids can learn money management from an early age. But for this, you need to limit their pocket money. With limited pocket money, they will learn to use it very thoughtfully. Also, if you never question your kids about where they have spent the money, it is time that you start taking account of it. This disciplinary action will make your child think twice before spending due to their limited resources.

Teach the value of money

Kids should be taught the value of money. You should teach them that it is always better to spend money thoughtfully and not recklessly. Liking a brand is okay, but teach them that they should make intelligent choices by comparing and then taking a pick. Help them to understand the importance of savings.

Limit TV viewing time

TV commercials are the prime source through which kids learn about new brands or new products. It immensely influences the kids and they start demanding things which they had seen on television. Limiting the TV viewing time will help in limiting their exposure to these influential commercials. Involve your kids in other activities like outdoor or indoor sports, or some creative activity to keep them engaged.

Learn to say no

As parents, it is important to learn the art of saying “no.” Be strict when your kid starts to throw a tantrum. Even if your kid cries, let them be. Once they will learn that you will not indulge their whims and fancies, they will stop using such tactics.


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