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Top 20 Leonardo da Vinci’s Brilliant Inventions


Leonardo da Vinci was a brilliant inventor who designed many innovative devices and concepts that were ahead of his time. Here are some of his top inventions

  1. Parachute: A device made of linen and wood that would allow a person to descend safely from a great height.
  2. Flying machine: A contraption inspired by birds that would enable human flight by flapping wings attached to a wooden frame.
  3. Machine gun: A weapon that could fire multiple bullets in rapid succession by rotating a series of barrels.
  4. Automobile: A self-propelled cart that could move without being pushed or pulled by animals, using springs and gears.
  5. Helicopter: A vertical flight machine that would lift off the ground by spinning a large screw-like propeller.
  6. Tank: A armored vehicle that could move on land and carry cannons, protected by a shell of metal plates.
  7. Diving suit: A suit that would allow a person to breathe underwater using a tube connected to a cork float on the surface.
  8. Anemometer: A device that could measure the speed of wind by rotating four hemispherical cups attached to a horizontal axis.
  9. Robotic knight: A humanoid figure that could perform some movements such as sitting, standing, and moving its arms, using pulleys and cables.
  10. Viola organista: A musical instrument that combined the features of a keyboard and a bowed string instrument, producing a continuous sound like an organ.
  11. Ornithopter: A flying machine that resembled a bat, with flexible wings that could be controlled by the pilot’s legs and arms.
  12. Canal bridge: A bridge that could span across two waterways without blocking the passage of boats, using arches and mobile sections.
  13. Cannon foundry: A design for a factory that could produce standardized cannons and balls using molds and furnaces.
  14. Machine for grinding convex lenses: A device that could polish glass lenses into a curved shape, useful for making eyeglasses and telescopes.
  15. Parabolic compass: A tool that could draw a parabola by moving a ruler along a fixed point on a curved plate.
  16. Siege defenses: A series of fortifications and weapons that could protect a city from enemy attacks, such as walls, moats, towers, cannons, and catapults.
  17. Spring device: A mechanism that could store energy by winding up a spring, and release it by unwinding it, useful for powering clocks and other machines.
  18. Multi-barrel gun: A weapon that consisted of three rows of eleven guns each, mounted on a wheeled platform, that could fire volleys of bullets without reloading.
  19. Casting mold of the head and neck: A device that could produce realistic sculptures of human heads by pouring molten metal or wax into a hollow mold with holes for the eyes, nose, and mouth.
  20. Drawings of machines: A collection of sketches and notes that illustrated various mechanical devices and principles, such as pulleys, gears, levers, screws, cranks, bearings, etc.
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