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Top 20 Best Golf Putters for Shaving Strokes Off Your Game


The putter is perhaps the most personal piece of equipment in your golf bag. When your group is on the green, the pace of the game slows down. Pleasantries are exchanged, good putts are complimented, and bad putts elicit collective groans. Here is where having a beautiful and effective putter really pays off. After all, has one really lived until if he hasn’t sunk a 12 foot putt while holding a beautiful Titleist or Scotty Cameron putter? The short game is also where most golfers can most easily shave strokes off their game, so make sure your equipment isn’t letting you down with our recommendations for the best putters you can buy right now below.

Scotty Cameron Select

Balance is the most important aspect of this pattern. With its four-way sole balancing, the pattern creates a perfectly square and easier alignment for the golfer to make a perfect put. Its design is also admirable wit a themed topline appearance giving it a slightly rounder radius and a cleaner look.

TaylorMade TP Patina Collection

A combination of nickel and copper properties creates a clean and unique look with this pattern. It gets its name from the new patina finish. Its slightly thicker than its previous TaylorMade inserts. The new design optimizes role and adds to the feel off the face. It was brought in to replace the black copper collection.

Odyssey StrokeLab

Its graphite body means a heavier pattern which adds to a greater consistency in the back swing, face angle at impact, ball speed and ball direction. Its sleek look characterizes ten different shapes that are featured in the new 2019 Odyssey release. The whole design improves your stroke through a change in the weight distribution.

TaylorMade Spider X

A combination of a much lighter 15g carbon composite core and a complementing 30% heavier outer frame means that this putter allows for increased stability. The expertly designed putter comes in two colors, one with the copper finish while the other boasting an attractive midnight blue. The slightly thicker pure roll provides for an enhanced feel as well as a better sound of the face.

Ping Sigma 2 Putters

This impressive model complete with a ball retrieval feature is a putter any golfer would like in their collection. Allowing for convenient adjustments to be made length-wise, this models versatility is unquestionable. It has a soft feel to it while still providing effectiveness during your short putts, which are at times even inaudible.

Bettinardi Armlock

The success of this model has been noticed throughout the golfing world. The putter’s ability to limit the effect of the right hand through a stroke, has set it on its own as an elite tool in a golfer’s club arsenal. Introduced by Mizuno, the putter attributes its existence to evident success to pro-golfers like Matt Kuchar. Definitely an ideal choice for your putting needs.

Bettinardi Studio Stock Series

Much like the peers, this model commands class and elegance. This putter has a sleek design includes features supporting stability and enhanced performance. The set that the model belongs to (Bettinardi stock) has made a name for itself in the golfing world.

Wilson Harmonized Golf Putter

This putter is a uniquely performing club with a beautiful and appealing design that enhances the roll. Conveniently weighted to increase stability and ensure the stroke is well balanced. This model is also customizable making the putter even more sort after.

Odyssey Toulon Design

A putter that conveys character and personality. Expertly crafted complete with the noticeable deep diamond mill face pattern. Built from the best material, this model under Odyssey is a top line putter made for a complete golfing experience.

Scotty Cameron Phantom X

This specially built model comes in succession of the Futura Line. The precision-milled aluminum face coupled up with vibration dampening technology clearly highlights the superior intent that comes with this putter. The sleek design cannot go unnoticed as well, the outside design is refined and interestingly appealing to the eye.

Odyssey Exo Collection

Another masterclass from Odyssey. Arguably one of the best putters the company have offered so far. This model exhibits various detailed features that allow for exceptional stability. The milled black stainless steel is a feature that is visually captivating apart from the fact that its purpose is conveniently required for the ultimate putter performance

TaylorMade TP Black Copper Collection

A stylish special multi-plated putter built to effectively perform its part to complete your golfing experience. The dark copper finishing along the edges is admirably brought out by careful hand-polishing. The keen detail paid to this model is evident and it has all the success to show for it.

Odyssey O-Works 2-Ball putter

This improved version of itself has come with upgraded features that have drastically tapped into the clubs’ intended purpose. Balanced and expertly calibrated for enhance performance. A fine but soft grip provides for a necessary sense of absolute control

Pine Meadow Golf PGX putter

A great value putter. Putting does not always have to be accompanied by several stacks of cash as payment for the putter, this inexpensive golfing tool will pull a classic purpose over might any day. As much as it is not as profoundly detailed as the putters’ peers, this putter will provide you with a full golfing experience with a fairly reasonable price

Ping Sigma G Anser

A touch of class is witnessed with this putter. Details are highlighted with various upgraded features complementing the sharp look the putter boasts. This putter has seen undoubted performances leading to success all over the years

Cleveland Huntington beach soft

These 304 stainless steel putters have been specially modified to effectively complement a golfer’s posture. This model is made of a single-bend hosel to provide optimal stability and adds to the value the hit stroke.

Ping sigma 2 Tyne

Another one from the Ping Sigma 2 series. This putter is noticeably detailed and offers much improved complementing features that enhance its performance. The build suggests stability, optimal performance and durability`

Ping Sigma G Craz-E putter

This adjustable putter allows you to match the most comfortable position you can assume. Its dark color demonstrates power and agility, displaying the club’s potential to add to a powerful drive while enjoying a round of golf. This putter has character and personality written all over its defined elegant features.

SeeMore Platinum M5 HT

This is an embodiment of the sophistication and detailed elegance the golfing sport possesses. Neatly cut and in sublime designing form, it is a putter every golfer requires with them. It is favored among the pro-golfers evidently because of its classy edge. Durability is enhanced by the platinum finish while the milled and plated face, are well equipped to maximize feel and performance

Titleist Scotty Cameron Select Fastback 2

Finally, there is this powerhouse of a putter. The craftmanship is undeniably exquisite while at the same time, its performance is enhanced and very well optimized. With a weighted feel to this putter, commanding control over your swing and maintaining crucial stability is achieved.

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