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Top 10 Most Controversial Quotes From Robert De Niro


Here are 10 controversial quotes from Robert De Niro

Robert De Niro 
Robert De Niro
  1. “You learned the two greatest thing in life, never rat on your friends, and always keep your mouth shut.” —Jimmy Conway, Goodfellas. This quote is from one of De Niro’s most acclaimed roles as a ruthless gangster who mentors a young mobster in the 1990 crime drama. It shows his character’s code of loyalty and silence, as well as his disdain for snitches and informers. He values his friends above everything else, but he also knows how to keep his secrets.
  2. “You talking to me? You talking to me? Then who the hell else are you talking to – you talking to me? Well, I’m the only one here.” —Travis Bickle, Taxi Driver12 This quote is one of the most famous and iconic lines in movie history. It is from a scene where De Niro’s character, a lonely and unstable taxi driver, practices confronting his enemies in front of a mirror. It shows his character’s paranoia and delusion, as well as his readiness for violence. He imagines himself as a hero who stands up to the scum of the city.
  3. “Some day a real rain will come and wash all the scum off the streets.” —Travis Bickle, Taxi Driver.  This quote is another example of De Niro’s character’s alienation and resentment in Taxi Driver. He expresses his disgust and contempt for the corruption and decay that he sees in New York City. He wishes for a cleansing and purifying force that would eliminate the evil and injustice that he witnesses every day.
  4. “Better to be king for a night than a schmuck for a lifetime.” —Rupert Pupkin, The King of Comedy1 This quote is from De Niro’s role as a delusional and obsessed comedian who kidnaps his idol in order to get a chance to perform on his show. It shows his character’s ambition and desperation, as well as his lack of self-awareness and reality. He believes that fame and success are worth any price, even if it means risking his freedom and dignity.
  5. “There is only one way to gain access to the truth and that is to not expect anything.” —Neil McCauley, Heat1 This quote is from De Niro’s role as a professional thief who lives by a strict code of detachment and discipline in the 1995 crime thriller. It shows his character’s pragmatism and skepticism, as well as his refusal to be influenced by emotions or illusions. He trusts only himself and his skills, and he does not rely on anyone or anything else.
  6. “Reputation, you know – a lifetime to build, seconds to destroy.” —Frank Goode, Everybody’s Fine1 This quote is from De Niro’s role as a widowed father who tries to reconnect with his adult children in the 2009 drama. It shows his character’s regret and guilt, as well as his recognition of the fragility and importance of reputation. He realizes that he has neglected his family and damaged his relationships with them, and he tries to make amends before it is too late.
  7. “The mind of a writer can be a truly terrifying thing. Isolated, neurotic, caffeine-addled, crippled by procrastination, consumed by feelings of panic, self-loathing, and soul-crushing inadequacy. And that’s on a good day.” —Robert De Niro.  This quote is not from a movie, but from De Niro’s speech at the 2014 Oscars ceremony where he presented the award for best adapted screenplay. It shows his humor and insight, as well as his empathy and respect for writers. He acknowledges the challenges and struggles that writers face in their creative process, and he praises them for their courage and talent.
  8. “If it’s the right chair, it doesn’t take too long to get comfortable in it.” —Robert De Niro.  This quote is not from a movie, but from De Niro’s interview with Esquire magazine in 2010 where he talked about his acting career. It shows his confidence and experience, as well as his adaptability and versatility. He implies that he can play any role with ease and conviction, as long as it suits him and his style.
  9. “Time goes on. So whatever you’re going to do, do it. Do it now. Don’t wait.” —Robert De Niro. This quote is not from a movie, but from De Niro’s own advice to live by. It shows his wisdom and urgency, as well as his encouragement and motivation. He urges others to pursue their goals and passions without hesitation or delay, because life is short and unpredictable.
  10. “You don’t need words to express feelings.” —Robert De Niro.  This quote is not from a movie, but from De Niro’s interview with Interview magazine in 2012 where he discussed his acting method. It shows his simplicity and subtlety, as well as his mastery and expression. He suggests that acting is more than just dialogue or script, but also body language and emotion. He conveys his feelings through his actions rather than his words.
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