Top 10 Countries That Eat Insects The Most
Top 10 Countries That Eat Insects The Most

Here are 10 countries that eat insects the most

  • Democratic Republic of the Congo: The country is known for its consumption of caterpillars, especially the mopane worm, which is considered a delicacy and a source of income for many people.
  • Congo: The country also consumes a lot of caterpillars, as well as termitescrickets, and palm weevils. Insects are often eaten as snacks or cooked with sauces and vegetables.
  • Central African Republic: The country has a rich diversity of edible insects, including caterpillarstermitesgrasshoppersbeetles, and ants. Insects are usually fried, boiled, roasted, or smoked.
  • Cameroon: The country consumes over 80 species of edible insects, such as caterpillarstermitescricketsbeetles, and dragonflies. Insects are often sold in markets or collected from the wild.
  • Uganda: The country eats various types of insects, such as grasshopperswhite antscrickets, and palm weevils. Insects are usually fried in oil or cooked with other ingredients.
  • Zambia: The country is famous for its consumption of the mopane worm, a type of caterpillar that is harvested from mopane trees. The worms are dried, fried, or cooked with tomatoes and onions.
  • Zimbabwe: The country also consumes the mopane worm, as well as other insects such as locuststermites, and beetles. Insects are considered a delicacy and a source of protein.
  • Nigeria: The country eats various insects, such as palm weevilstermitesgrasshoppers, and cicadas. Insects are often fried, roasted, or boiled with spices.
  • South Africa: The country consumes several insects, such as the mopane worm, the mopane fly, and the stinkbug. Insects are usually eaten as snacks or cooked with other foods.
  • Mexico: The country has a long tradition of eating insects, such as grasshoppersantsworms, and beetles. Insects are often seasoned with salt, lime, and chili and served as tacos or quesadillas.
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