San Francisco
San Francisco
Rank City State Country Average Monthly Rent for a 2-Bedroom Apartment
1 San Francisco California USA $3,930
2 New York City New York USA $3,400
3 Boston Massachusetts USA $3,150
4 Miami Florida USA $3,100
5 Washington DC District of Columbia USA $3,010
6 Los Angeles California USA $2,940
7 San Diego California USA $2,900
8 San Jose California USA $2,870
9 Fort Lauderdale Florida USA $2,810
10 Oakland California USA $2,770

Note: The rent prices are in US dollars and may vary depending on the source and the date of the data. The list is not definitive and may change over time.

Rank City State Country Average Monthly Rent for a 1-Bedroom Apartment
1 Little Rock Arkansas USA $710
2 Tulsa Oklahoma USA $720
3 Omaha Nebraska USA $740
4 Des Moines Iowa USA $750
5 Oklahoma City Oklahoma USA $760
6 Wichita Kansas USA $770
7 Birmingham Alabama USA $780
8 Milwaukee Wisconsin USA $790
9 Akron Ohio USA $800
10 Lubbock Texas USA $800
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