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Japanese Teenager Licks Soy Sauce, Now Getting Sued for $480,000. Not #liveminty


In a significant case from Japan that drew global attention, Akindo Sushiro Co., a well-known sushi chain running the Sushiro restaurant chain, filed a lawsuit against a high school student. The company claimed damages of 67 million yen, equivalent to about $480,000, following a controversial incident that was captured on video and circulated on social media.

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The video, which originated from a Sushiro outlet in the city of Gifu, showed the student engaging in unhygienic and disruptive behavior. He was seen licking his finger and subsequently touching a plate of sushi that was moving on the restaurant’s conveyor belt system. In addition to this, the video also captured the student licking a soy sauce bottle and a cup, which he then returned to a communal pile.

This video was widely shared and viewed in Japan after being uploaded in January. The student’s actions, along with similar behavior exhibited in other videos at some of Sushiro’s competitors, contributed to the coining of a new term: “sushi terrorism.” This phrase now broadly refers to unhygienic actions taken at Japan’s sushi train restaurants, where customers choose dishes from a rotating conveyor belt.

The lawsuit was filed in the Osaka District Court. Akindo Sushiro Co. claimed to have suffered significant financial losses following the release of the video. These losses include a sharp decline in customers and a slump in the stock of its parent company, which amounted to around 16 billion yen (about $115 million).

In response to the lawsuit, the student’s legal counsel wrote to the court in May, requesting that the complaint be dismissed. While the student acknowledged his actions and expressed regret, the defense argued that there was no evidence directly linking his actions to the drop in customers at the sushi chain. They suggested that the decrease in customers might be due to intense competition in the industry, rather than the student’s actions.

Akindo Sushiro Co. has refrained from sharing further details about the case, citing that it is currently under appeal. However, they did emphasize that the lawsuit indicates their commitment to maintaining a strong relationship of trust with their customers. The company expressed its readiness to take decisive action on both criminal and civil grounds against any conduct that undermines this trust.

This case has led to a broader discussion about the balance between individual responsibility and corporate reputational risk. It has also highlighted the significant impact of social media on businesses and society at large. As the case progresses, its outcome could have far-reaching implications for similar incidents in the future.

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