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Indigestion Symptoms And 4 Tips on How to Deal With It


You may feel bloated when you eat too quickly or when you eat a large amount. This body type can be made worse by eating fatty meats and foods. In addition, even if you do not eat a large amount of food, you may not feel well or if you eat food under severe stress, congestion may occur. It has been reported that these symptoms are particularly common in women with poor digestion or in women. Now, let’s find out about the various symptoms that appear when you pretend to be, and how to deal with them to help you solve them. symptoms that appear when

The first symptom of sudden body bloating is a feeling of fullness of gas in the stomach. In addition, due to indigestion, symptoms of nausea and stuffiness may appear, and vomiting, abdominal pain, and diarrhea may be accompanied. In addition, symptoms such as headache, dizziness, and cold hands and feet may occur, and in severe cases, symptoms such as pain near the chin area, burning sensation in the chest, and cold sweats may be accompanied by symptoms such as chills in the body. How to deal with it

1. Control food intake speed

It is important to eat slowly and at a leisurely pace without eating too quickly, as many of the symptoms of acute illness are caused by eating habits that consume food quickly. In particular, it is important to be more careful when consuming these foods, because fast intake of fatty foods, meat, or flour foods can make these symptoms more severe. It is also said that it is not recommended to lie down immediately after eating because it can impair the smooth functioning of digestion.

2. Eat good food when you are in the mood

It is said that eating various foods such as plum, ginger, radish, pear, jujube, and sikhye can be a good symptom improvement method when physical fitness appears. In particular, various organic acids contained in plums promote the secretion of digestive juices and at the same time prevent excessive secretion of gastric acid, which is said to have a good effect in improving the symptoms of acute urgency due to overeating and binge eating. Also, drinking warm water or tea can help improve blood circulation in the body and lower body energy. And if the body is severe and accompanied by diarrhea or vomiting, it may be a good way to prevent dehydration and to drink rice tea or barley tea to replenish sufficient water.

3. Beware of carbonated drinks

It is known that drinking carbonated beverages while in the body relieves symptoms. Drinking soda when you feel nauseous causes belching and makes you feel comfortable, but this is only a temporary feeling and has little effect on digestion. Moreover, it is recommended to be careful about intake because the intake of carbonated beverages can adversely affect stomach health by causing reflux of stomach acid.

4. Light exercise

Even if you have symptoms of body shivering, it is said that moving your body little by little rather than standing still has a good effect in lowering the body by facilitating digestion. Therefore, it is recommended to do light exercise without overdoing it, or to walk or take a walk. In addition, acupressure and massage by pressing between the index and thumb can help relieve congestion.

Other coping methods If you eat food in a situation of excessive mental tension or stress, acute symptoms easily occur, so it is recommended to try to minimize the environment that causes stress and implement a management habit to properly relieve stress. In addition, foot baths and half-body baths are known to help promote blood circulation, so they can help relieve various symptoms that appear when you are in the body. And it is important to see a doctor if the symptoms are not relieved by these general measures or if the symptoms worsen.

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