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Hand Numbness Cause & Prevention

Hand Numbness Cause & Prevention
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It can be said that numbness in the hands is a phenomenon that you experience once in your daily life. Most of these numbness symptoms caused by simple blood circulation disorders recover when blood flow is normalized after a certain period of time. In particular, careful management and attention are required because treatment may become difficult if the symptoms worsen without adequate treatment for these numb hands. So, today, let’s look at the diseases that can be suspected when the symptoms of numbness in the hands continue to appear and the causes of their occurrence.

hand numbness cause

1. Carpal tunnel syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome, also called carpal tunnel syndrome, is a disease in which the carpal tunnel, a small passageway formed by the bones and ligaments that make up the wrist, narrows, and as a result, the median nerve passing through this area is compressed, causing abnormal symptoms. Numbness occurs in the thumb, index finger, middle finger, and palm, which are the areas controlled by the median nerve, and causes constant wrist pain. If the symptoms persist, the restriction of movement increases, the use of the wrist becomes difficult, and the use of joints in daily life is greatly restricted. pain will occur. When treating such carpal tunnel syndrome, the location and degree of sensory abnormality are identified, and various tests such as nerve percussion and carpal flexion are performed to make an accurate diagnosis. Afterwards, depending on the diagnosis result, if the symptoms are not severe, the excessive use of the wrist is controlled, and non-surgical treatment such as fixing a wrist splint and drug treatment is performed. However, if the symptoms are severe, surgical treatment to widen the carpal tunnel can be considered.

2. Neck Disc

Neck disc is a disease in which the nucleus pulposus inside the cervical vertebrae comes out and presses on the nerve root or spinal cord. The official diagnosis is cervical herniated nucleus pulposus, but it is commonly referred to as a cervical disc. When such a neck disc occurs, the disc that relieves the shock between the cervical vertebrae escapes and compresses the nerve that leads to the arm and hand, causing a tingling sensation and sensory abnormality from the arm to the hand. It is caused by various causes such as degenerative changes, traffic accidents, and trauma. In order to treat a herniated disc, it is diagnosed through simple radiography, CT, and MRI. In about 90% of patients, symptoms improve within 6 months with medication or physical therapy, but if symptoms do not improve, nerve block or surgical treatment can be considered.

3. Subjective Syndrome

Subjective syndrome, also called elbow tunnel syndrome, is a condition in which the ulnar nerve that passes through the inside of the elbow to the hand is compressed. Numbness appears in the direction of the ring finger and little finger, and when the elbow is bent, the numbness in the hand becomes more severe. And if the symptoms worsen, symptoms of atrophy of the interosseous muscle between the thumb and index finger may appear. In order to diagnose this subjective syndrome, various tests such as X-ray examination, electromyography, and MRI are performed. If the symptoms are not severe, the progress can be monitored with anti-inflammatory drugs and rest, but if symptoms of muscle atrophy between the thumb and index finger appear, surgical treatment can be performed.

other cause disease

In some cases, numbness of the hands may appear due to abnormalities in the central nervous system, such as chronic complications of diabetes or stroke. In addition, numbness in the hands can also be caused by autoimmune diseases that damage the peripheral nerve itself, genetic diseases, or internal medical diseases such as thyroid dysfunction. In some cases, numbness in the hands may be caused by a deficiency of certain nutrients, such as vitamin B12.

How to prevent and manage numb hands

In many cases, numbness in the hands increases when you use smartphones and computers excessively in a fixed position, so you need to control your wrist use as much as possible. And after a certain period of time, it is recommended to do stretching and bare-handed gymnastics to relax the muscles and reduce fatigue. In addition, since obesity is a factor that is closely related to diseases that cause numbness in the hands such as diabetes and stroke, it is necessary to maintain an appropriate weight through regular exercise and a diet composed of balanced nutrients. And alcohol can reduce vitamins B1 and B12, nutrients that are closely related to numbness in the hands, so excessive drinking and binge drinking should be avoided. In addition, regular health checkups are important because they are effective in detecting and treating related diseases at an early stage. It is recommended to receive

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