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Best 8 Places You Must Travel to Before You Die


The world is full of some most amazing and irreplaceable, both natural and man-made landmarks and monuments. The sites of these magnificently iconic super structures have etched themselves in the very fabric of human development. They have not only faced but as well as conquered the vices of time. These are eight amazing landmarks from around the world;

1.The Taj Mahal, India

It stands in the horizon as a definitive symbol of legitimate love hatched between two people bound together beyond mortal boundaries. In his eyes, Emperor Shah Jahan saw it fitting for his favorite, beloved wife to be laid to eternally rest within the walls of an equally befitting monument.
In 1632, Emperor Shah ordered the construction of what would over the next centuries be held in an impossibly high standard throughout the entire world. On the banks of Yamuna River, Agra, in Northern India, it is believed that a staggering over 20,000 men and an unassailable 1,000 elephants were put to work while constructing the glorious Taj Mahal.Architecturally superior and complemented by precious and valuable building material from all over Asia, including white marble and precious stones, the Taj Mahal makes the list on the world’s most amazing landmarks around the world.

2.Moai, Easter Island, Chile

We, as human beings, are known for our impressive intellectual capabilities and our abilities in being very creative. The over 900 insanely huge statues and 300 ceremonial platforms, however, really take the potential of our abilities to a whole new level. Even more impressive is the fact that these statues were literally curved out of stone or compressed volcanic ash as far back as somewhere between 1250 and 1500.
Two thousand two hundred miles away from Chile and in the middle of the Pacific, the Easter Island hosts a collection of monumental stone figures. Some are towering over 30ft in the air and weighing an astonishing 82 tons. There is a lot of intrigue around how the stone figures with oversized heads were made and why, but their existence is intriguing enough.

3.The Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt

As far as iconic structures around the world go, absolutely no conversation would be complete without a definitive mention of Egypt’s Great Pyramid of Giza. Among the ancient wonders of the world, it continues to puzzle the brightest of minds, The Great Pyramid of Giza remains standing for the world to marvel upon its mystifying presence.
Standing just beside Egypt’s capital, The Great Pyramid of Giza houses the great Egyptian Emperor, Giza, who fearlessly ruled all of Egypt. Considering the ancient time these structures were erected, a time when there were not much of the current mechanical advancements to assist in construction processes when manual labor was heavily relied upon for completion of tasks. It can only be left to the imagination to try to figure out how the Egyptian’s did it.

4.Statue of Liberty, USA

Representing a true testament of international harmony, “Lady Liberty” was a considerate gift from the people of France to the Americans for their successful international cooperation.
You would be forgiven if you mistook the insinuation of a “gift” to be your average small packaged gift DHL delivered. Lady Liberty was co-designed by the world-renowned Eiffel Tower designer, Alexandre Gustave Eiffel, and Frederic Auguste Bartholdi in 1884 and is 305ft tall, made of an iron structure and copper exterior.
The 350 individual pieces that make up the statue were shipped in 214 crates and assembled on Liberty Island, from which adoring viewers are treated to spectacular views of the city.

5.Angkor Wat – Siem Reap, Cambodia

The world has seen a fair share of impressive religious monuments. This 500-acre religious monument in Cambodia is an accurate representation of the timeless architectural techniques that have been available and that have been the practice over centuries. The Khmer Empire of Cambodia in the 12th century constructed this worshiping monument and has since its inception been the crown jewel of Angkor Wat.

6.Machu Picchu – Machu Picchu, Peru

This landmark looks pulled straight out of a thrilling apocalyptic Hollywood series. Tucked 8,000ft in the Andes, Peru, this lost paradise encapsulates a civilization once inhabitants of the world-famous ruins. Earning due to recognition from UNESCO World Heritage, these ruins hold the intriguing tales of the Iban people ruled over by the Inca Empire.
Peru is a beautiful land filled with a rich history. The Machu Picchu ruins are the highlight of these historic sites in the country. It is a landmark that offers a gateway between lost time and the present time.

7.Colosseum – Rome, Italy

Think of it as an ancient mega-stadium. Few structures could outshine the majesty expressed by this iconic landmark. This entertainment complex was built between AD 72 and AD 82 and was confidently able to sustain a mammoth number of up to 70,000 overwhelmingly enthusiastic spectators.
As a fitting purpose for the structure, highly rated contentious events were organized and held in the Roman Colosseum in front of thousands of crazed fans whose ultimate excitement is derived from the dismemberment or utter disfigurement of defeated opponents. Being another testament of impressive and superior architectural abilities, this landmark is rightfully among the amazing landmarks around the world.

8. Eiffel Tower, France

For many people around the world, this landmark is either on their list of places they plan on visiting during their lifetimes, or they already have visited the iconic site. It is a symbol familiar to couples as a love symbol and is widely considered being the pinnacle of a romantic trip.
As much as the Eiffel Tower is famously known around the world, it was not always a popular idea, and its erection faced some resistance and disapproval in 1889 for its design. It would, however, gain worldwide favor by making the site one of the most visited sites in France.


It is a landmark if, by the mention or sight of it, words cannot capture the emotions and feelings that run through the mind of anyone who witnesses them. The world is not short of amazing landmarks; these have been 8 Amazing landmarks around the world.

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