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Apple’s Top 9 Products by Revenue in 2019


Apple is one of the most reputable brands across the world. It is famous for its high-end and quality products in both goods and services. Just like other companies, Apple also makes its sales, and general performance is known to the public.

Apple’s fourth-quarter earnings came as a surprise to many analysts. The company posted improved revenues thanks to its above-expectation performance in its quickly developing wearables business. However, there was a slight drop of 9% of iPhone’s revenue. Below you will find the top selling Apple products, according to 2019 Q4 revenue numbers.

1. iPhones – $33.4 Billion

Apple is famous for the manufacture and sale of iPhones. In fact, the sale of iPhones is the primary generator of Apple’s revenue. In 2019 still, iPhones were the most sold products by this reputable firm. According to its fourth-quarter report, at least $33.36 billion was generated from the sale of iPhones.

2019 saw the introduction of iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max which also boosted the sale of iPhones. Many people in love with high-end products could not resist the urge of upgrading to these efficient and quality new iPhones. By purchasing these iPhones, they increased Apple product sales.

2. Apple Services – $12.5 Billion

Apple services are becoming a great contributor to Apple’s revenue. In the most recent revenue results posted by the company, a total of $12.51 billion came from Apple services such as the App Store, iTunes, AppleCare, iCloud storage, Apple Music Subscriptions, and Apple Pay.

3. Mac – $7 Billion

The Macintosh, or simply the Mac, is a personal computer that is manufactured by Apple. It is one of its essential products that not only generate significant revenue but also makes Apple stand out against other companies that produce personal computers. The Mac is widely known for its unmatched features such as its macOS operating system that is as powerful as it is beautiful.

This year Apple racked up some crucial Mac sales. Going by its latest fourth-quarter revenue report, Apple made at least $6.99 billion from selling Mac personal computers. This just shows just how significant the Mac is vital to Apple’s business. It is an excellent indication of people’s high regard for this fantastic personal computer, the MacBook.

4. Apple Wearables – $6.5 Billion

To remain competitive in an ever-changing market, Apple has mastered the art of competing in a number of product categories. It introduced another important product in 2016, the Airpod. Ever since their introduction into the market, these wireless ear buds have yet to disappoint. In fact, Airpods occupy close to 60% of the ear buds market share.

While releasing the 2019 fourth-quarter revenue report, Apple CEO Tim Cook appreciated the exceptional performance of Airpods. The sale of these ear buds contributed immensely to the $6.52 billion earned from selling apple wearables. The wearables category includes the Apple Watch, which has also been exceeding expectations.

However, it was estimated that a total of at least 60 million Airpods were to be sold in 2019. Since these devices retail at an average price of $200, it meant apple could make up to 12 billion through the sale of Airpods alone.

5. iPad – $4.7 Billion

Apple products do have some serious pomp, and that is why they are preferred by individuals who love that luxurious lifestyle. Luckily Apple has tapped into that target population in a significant way. One of its products that is loved by most people is the iPad. One can quickly note the high preference for these tablets by checking at the sales and revenue that Apple gets.
According to the latest revenue report released by Apple, the company made close to $4.66 billion out of selling iPads. This is an encouraging performance from the pioneer in the tablet market, which was launched in 2010. Since then, it continues to attract more customers due to its multi-touch user interface and iOS operating system.

6. Apple Watches

Apple Watch is part of the most sought out for Apple’s wearables. Ever since its introduction in the market in 2015, it has become a crucial product for revenue generation for Apple. If you go by Apple’s fourth-quarter revenue results, these smart watches played a significant role in contributing to $6.52 billion generated from wearables.

But according to IDC a Market Research Firm, these smart watches are projected even to rack up a lot of revenue for Apple. By the close of the year, IDC estimated that a total of 51 million Apple Watches would be sold. Considering the price of one unit is roughly $448, these smart watches could generate at least $23 billion when 2019 comes to an end.

7. Homepod

Homepods are one of Apple’s products that have not impressed as expected. Regardless of Apple slashing the prices from $349 to $299 at the beginning of the year, shipments of these products has not increased at all. At the moment, it enjoys just 5% of its market share. In the United States, close to 3.8 million Homepods have been installed.

8. Apple arcade

Apple Arcade aims not only to generate significant income for Apple but also to reshape the gaming industry. This service from Apple requires gamers to pay at least $5 every month to enjoy playing multiple premium games. With the mobile gaming industry being very much popular, Apple Arcade is hoping to capitalize on this and drive top line results.

9. Apple News+

Apple News+ has not lived up to its expectation. This news app was launched back in March, though it signed at least 200,000 subscribers in a minimum of 48 hours, its performance in terms of adding more customers has not been satisfactory. Most publishers have ended up disappointed due to the inability of this product to generate substantial revenue.


Apple takes pride in producing some of the best products in various competitive markets. This is why every year it makes substantial revenue by selling its products, thanks to its huge fanbase that is always on the lookout for new products and services produced by Apple. Above are the best 9 selling Apple products in 2019.

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