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All You Need To Know About Lingual Braces

All You Need To Know About Lingual Braces
All You Need To Know About Lingual Braces
All You Need To Know About Lingual Braces
All You Need To Know About Lingual Braces (Image Credit: FreePik)

Braces have long been used to straighten crooked teeth, from the bulky and very uncomfortable sets found in the early 1900s to the invisible clear-plastic aligners called Invisalign we have today, and everything in between, including lingual braces. The design of the aligner is such that it allows the dentist to fix the unit to the back of the teeth, with brackets and wires used to exert pressure on specific teeth to change the direction of growth.

Invisible When Worn

The big attraction of lingual braces is that they are invisible when in place, and that is great news for those who are a little self-conscious or people that project an image as part of their job. For this reason, students and people who speak publicly and professions where group speaking is common, prefer this form of treatment.

Hi-Tech Solutions

The specialist would use 3D computer technology to create a 3D image on the inside of your mouth and this allows them to create the perfect profile to straighten the teeth. This data would be used to create the device, which is then fitted by the dentist. If you would like to explore the potential of lingual braces, there is an orthodontics specialist servicing Lane Cove & Chatswood. They have a wealth of experience with all forms of braces.

In most clinics, the actual making of the braces would be outsourced to a specialist company that only makes teeth braces, and it might take a couple of weeks before they are ready to be fitted. As the braces are made to very precise dimensions, the right pressure is put on the right teeth to straighten the growth and this can make a dramatic improvement to a person’s appearance.

Adjustment Period

As is the case with all forms of teeth braces, you will find wearing the braces a little strange and uncomfortable, but this soon passes, as you become familiar with wearing them. Once you have worn them for a couple of weeks, you will no longer be aware that you are wearing braces, and as they cannot be seen, you can feel confident when talking to people. The dentist would want to see you every few weeks, to monitor the progress and often, adjustments are needed, with the average length of treatment around 12 months, sometimes longer.


Just about everyone can wear lingual braces, and for the majority of patients, the invisibility factor of lingual braces offers the best solution. Not every dentist is trained to fit lingual braces, so make sure you use a dentist who is specifically trained for such skill or specialty. He or she can craft tailor-made braces that, when worn are not visible, and with some adjustment over a period of months, the desired results will be achieved.

If you prefer to keep your teeth straightening treatment to yourself, seek out a cosmetic dentist that is trained with lingual braces and you will be very glad that you did.

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