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6 Cool Hacks to Control Your Portion Size


When it comes to weight management, we are focused on having a balanced diet and exercising regularly. But, apart from these, there is one more essential aspect that we need to pay attention to, which is controlling the portion size.

Portion size plays an ultimate role while you are trying to lose that flab. This is important since, even when you are having healthy food, the quantity of consumption ultimately impacts your weight loss goal. Moreover, controlling portion size is an effective strategy, which will take you a long way in your weight loss journey.

Wondering how you can control your portion size? Well, here we present 6 cool hacks to control your portion size.

Follow the half-plate rule: When you are aiming to achieve your weight loss goal, follow the half-plate rule, which means that half your plate should be filled with vegetables. And, the remaining half of your plate should consist of lean protein and whole grains. This rule will not only help you in controlling your portion size but will also help you in having a balanced meal. Vegetables are packed with essential nutrients and vitamins. It will also help you to feel fuller. Whole grains are high on fiber and lean proteins will fulfill your daily requirement of proteins.

Use smaller plates: While you are on a diet, you should stop eating the moment you feel full. With bigger plates, you will have more food on your plate and it might also lead to food wastage. So, choose smaller plates, which will help you to control your portion size and also to minimize the wastage of food.

Use measuring cups: When you start controlling your portion size, measuring cups will help you learn what your portion size should look like. And with time, you will just learn to use the right quantity, even without the measuring cups. It is indeed a very handy tool!

Choose smaller snack sizes: When it comes to snacks, we mostly tend to choose the larger bags of baked chips or nuts. And, without realization, we end up finishing off the entire bag, which is followed by guilty pangs! So, rather than going for larger bags, choose the smaller sized ones. This way, you will have a tab on how much you are consuming, your portion size will be controlled and there will be no guilty pangs too.

Use the muffin tins: When it comes to weight loss, your favorite comfort food and desserts are strictly forbidden. But, it is okay to indulge in your favorite comfort foods once in a while. However, at the same time, do not go overboard with the quantity. Use a muffin tin to have your favorite dessert, pies, or mac and cheese. This will satiate your cravings but will not toss you off the track in your weight loss journey.

Have mug meals: Control your portion size by cooking meals in a mug. Be it for your breakfast or for your favorite walnut brownies, choose to make them in mugs to control your portion size. This way, you will also not reach out for a second helping!

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