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5 Products That Make Being A Pet Owner Easier Than Ever

5 Products That Make Being A Pet Owner Easier Than Ever
5 Products That Make Being A Pet Owner Easier Than Ever (credit: Unsplash)
5 Products That Make Being A Pet Owner Easier Than Ever
5 Products That Make Being A Pet Owner Easier Than Ever (credit: Unsplash)

Thanks to the speed in which technology changes, we are now living in a world where innovations are so advanced to the point that we have products that help us with every aspect of our daily lives.

Modern tech is now helping moms around the house, and it helps pet parents too, and often through ways you’d least expect. Engineers have worked hard to reduce the thickness of PCBs to the point that we can now squeeze tiny computers into everything from dog collars to pet gates, without compromising circuitry or material quality. Short of creating full-blown robo nannies for our fur babies, here are some of the best products pet owners can use to make their lives easier:

A self-cleaning litter box

While a high-tech robotic litter that can do the scooping for you is great, there is no harm in going for a more affordable alternative that can get the job done as well. We’re talking about a self-cleaning litter box that gathers clumps, thereby providing you with the luxury of just emptying the litter box every once in a while. According to a number of reviewers, you could make this particular product even more durable by replacing the disposable tray with a sturdier one that can last you much longer and keep your trash to a minimum.

A programmable pet door

One of the most horrible things a pet-owner could ever go through is losing a pet or finding their fur baby injured because they sneaked out of the house. To stop this from happening, you could invest in a programmable pet door that has a time function control. This highly innovative door flap that features a minimalist LCD display can also tell you the last time your pets went through it.

A pet app

Keeping tabs on all your fur babies’ vaccines, veterinarian appointments and medicine can be quite a daunting task, especially if you have a lot of furry friends. Fortunately, there are a lot of pet apps out there that can help you remember them all. When picking out a pet app, try to go for ones that allow users to create personalized profiles that record important dates such as the ones mentioned and, at the same time, provide custom reminders for birthdays, dog shows, play dates, competitions etc.

A flea and tick collar

The biggest challenge to keeping pets healthy comes in teeny tiny organisms commonly known as fleas and ticks. These pesky bugs are not only capable of causing skin diseases for your dogs and cats, they can also transmit tapeworms that can cause anemia and even death through heavy infestation. Keep these pests away with a convenient and long-lasting flea and tick collar that can last up to eight months. These collars are capable of releasing a low concentration of medication over the course of several months without irritating your pets due to them being odorless and non-greasy.

An automatic ball launcher

Sometimes, no matter how much we love our pets, there are just days when we can’t bring ourselves to get up, go out and play fetch with them. So why not invest in a automatic ball launcher that can be programmed to throw balls up to 10, 20 or 30 feet, depending on the size of your garden? An automatic ball catcher is also perfect if you want to take great pictures of your dog while it’s playing.

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