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5 Best Healthy Beverages That Will Make You Ditch Your Cola


In today’s world, fast food has become the staple and aerated drinks have become the most consumed beverage. Sodas and aerated drinks are more like the go-to drink which has increased its popularity, irrespective of the adverse effects that it has on health. The high sugar content in these loved beverages is so high that its regular consumption has been linked to heart diseases, diabetes, arthritis, kidney diseases and not to forget obesity.

A regular can of aerated drink is said to contain more than 10 teaspoons of sugar, which is way beyond the amount of sugar that one should consume in a day. It is worth mentioning here that even the diet version of the aerated drinks are also equally harmful due to the fact that it contains artificial sugar, aspartame, which is also linked with diseases like diabetes, tumors, higher cholesterol, and it also impacts your emotional well-being.

Here we bring for you the 5 best beverages that will make you ditch your cola. These are healthier alternatives to your soda and due to the natural ingredients, it will promote overall well-being. Read on to know more.

Sparkling Water: Ditch your cola and choose to have a glass of sparkling water. On any day, a glass of sparkling water is a better beverage that you can choose to have at any time of the day. You can also flavor it with lemon juice, or any fruit choice as per your taste. The lower calorie count and most importantly the low sugar content makes it one of the best beverage to consume.

Flavored Water: For a more attractive beverage than plain water, you can choose to have flavored water. Drop slices of your favorite fruits or vegetables like lemon, orange, cucumber, strawberry, or along with some mint leaves and your go-to drink is ready. Flavored water will refresh you and the best part is that it has way fewer calories than a can of aerated drink or a diet soda.

Juice: Extract the juice of your favorite fruits or vegetables and consume it as a beverage. This way, your body will receive all the essential nutrients from the fruits and the vegetables and you will also be consuming less of added sugar. Choose from a variety of fruits like oranges, apples, pomegranate or vegetables like cucumber, carrots, beetroots, or parley as per your choice and enjoy your refreshing and a healthy beverage that will make you ditch your cola.

Coconut water: The healthiest natural drink that you can choose to have is coconut water. Loaded with electrolyte and bioactive enzymes, coconut water is good for digestion is also known to aid in eliminating toxins from your body due to its detoxifying properties. This beverage is also laden with essential nutrients like potassium and cytokinin, which are known for its anti-aging and anti-cancer properties.

Wine: Studies suggest that red wine has anti-cancer properties. Additionally, the compounds present in wine keeps the blood vessels healthy and increases your life span.

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