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4 Benefits of Walking Daily

4 Benefits of Walking Daily
4 Benefits of Walking Daily (PIxabay)
4 Benefits of Walking Daily
4 Benefits of Walking Daily (PIxabay)

A walking exercise that can be easily and lightly practiced in everyday life, anytime, anywhere.

Everyone knows that walking is good for exercise. However, regular walking exercise may not be effective or may cause pain. Some of the causes may be incorrect walking posture. Learn about the effects of walking exercise and how to walk properly.

Make sure to do this before walking

With COVID-19, the most important thing is to comply with quarantine rules.

Group walking exercise is absolutely prohibited, wear a mask, avoid crowded places, and keep a distance of 2m or more from other people.

Warm-up exercise is essential, even if it is a light walking exercise. Since walking is also an exercise that uses the whole body, such as joints and muscles, there is a risk of fractures or injuries.

walking exercise effect

First, walking exercise helps to improve not only lower body strength but also whole body strength, and has the effect of improving basic physical strength.

Second, walking during the day increases the production of vitamin D, which increases bone density and is good for preventing osteoporosis.

Third, it can enhance heart activity, prevent cardiovascular disease, and improve mental disorders such as depression.

Fourth, while preventing and treating adult diseases, it is also effective in reducing body fat percentage.

how to walk properly

▲ Pull your chin and walk without letting your hips fall back

1. Straighten your neck, pull your chin, and straighten your back.

2. Give strength to the lower abdomen, hold the center of the body, and walk while waving arms lightly.

▲ When stepping on the foot, walk with the heel first

1. Step on the heel → bottom of the foot → big toe.

2. Walk with your legs extended without bending.

▲ Walk with 11 feet

1. Walk while keeping the walking direction and the shape of your feet parallel to the figure of 11.

2. The stride length is about half your height.

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