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5 Reasons To Ride Bicycle

5 Reasons To Ride Bicycle
5 Reasons To Ride Bicycle (Pixabay)
5 Reasons To Ride Bicycle
5 Reasons To Ride Bicycle (Pixabay)

Cycling is an aerobic exercise. It is also called ‘diet exercise’ because it burns a lot of calories. The advantage of riding a bike is that it does not put a burden on your body weight, so you can exercise while controlling yourself. There is no better workout for calf or thigh strength training. For adolescents in the growing phase, it helps to grow taller because it stimulates the growth plate. It is also effective for lower abdominal exercises, so it is good not to put too much strain on people with bad joints.

It is an added bonus to enjoy the scenery with nature as a friend rather than in a narrow space. So you don’t get bored easily.

Here are some of the good things about riding a bike: First of all, it helps with high blood pressure by improving blood flow. It is also good for relieving stress because it relieves muscle tension and relieves tension in the body.

Strengthening cardiorespiratory function reduces the risk of heart disease components. In addition, oxygen supply to each organ in the body is facilitated by increasing the amount of oxygen in the blood. It does not strain the joints and helps to strengthen muscles. Aerobic exercise reduces cholesterol and prevents arteriosclerosis.

In addition, insulin hormone activity can prevent diabetes. By reducing body fat and increasing muscle mass, calories are burned and obesity can be prevented. It helps to prevent aging and is good for overcoming menopause (depression) in women.

In addition, cycling has the advantage of being able to ride anytime, anywhere in the four seasons. Exercise is also good for mental health. It is said that riding a bicycle produces ‘dopamine’, the happiness hormone, because it is eight times faster than jogging or swimming. If you are not feeling well, I would recommend riding a bicycle. There are things to be careful about. Don’t ride too hard. You should always ride with caution.

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