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32 Super Interesting Facts About Apple Inc. That You Should Know


Apple Inc. has become a renowned name due to its continuous introduction of new technology and mind-blowing products. And along with its fabulous products, Apple also has a rich history which is equally amazing. The way in which the company has been riding through the ups and downs yet proving itself to be a leader in innovation is praiseworthy.

So, here we present 32 super interesting facts about Apple Inc. that you should know.

  1. Love for the fruit Apples: Steve Jobs the founder of Apple Inc really liked the fruit apple. In his biography released after his death, it was revealed that this fondness was the reason why he named his company after this fruit.
  2. First logo: The first logo of Apple feature Sir Isaac Newton and was designed by Ronald Wayne, the third co-founder of Apple.
  3. The departure of the third cofounder: Ronald Wayne quit Apple very early. It was within twelve days after the company was founded, that he sold his shares to Jobs and Steve Wozniak for a mere $800.
  4. Do it yourself kit: Apple I, the first computer from the company was actually a “do it yourself” kit. It comprised the motherboard along with the CPU, RAM, and basic textual-video chips.
  5. First platform for killer application, VisiCalc: The spreadsheet program was launched in 1979 and Apple was chosen to be its first platform and it was made available for users through Apple II.
  6. Access to PARC for shares: A three-days access to Xerox’s PARC facility was granted to Apple, but in return, Xerox wanted to buy 100,000 shares of Apple at $10, the pre-IPO price.
  7. First computer with GUI: Apple Lisa was the first computer with a graphical user interface (GUI). But the high price of Apple Lisa led to its failure.
  8. Television ad during the third quarter of Super Bowl XVIII: The Macintosh was launched in 1984. Its television ad, directed by Ridley Scott, was aired during the Super Bowl XVIII and it turned out to be extremely successful.
  9. No arrow keys: The first Macintosh model did not have any arrow keys. This was strategically done to force software developers to design Mac specific user interface and also to induce the users to use a mouse to move the cursor.
  10. Huge employee strength: Apple employs more than 90,000 people, which does not include its sales associates!
  11. The early rivalry of Jobs and Bill Gates: The rivalry of Jobs and Gates started after Gates announced its own Microsoft Windows operating system, which was a competitor of Mac.
  12. The game-changing iPod: Apple’s addition of iPod to its product range was a game-changer as it was a successful product addition. But its creator Tony Fadell had initially offered it to Phillips and Real Networks, who rejected it.
  13. First iPhone design: In 1983 when the first iPhone design was made, it looked like a phone attached to an iPad.
  14. Jobs quit Apple, starts NeXT: In 1985, Jobs was stripped all responsibility by the board of directors. He quit Apple to started his own company, NeXT.
  15. Apple struggled without Jobs: Apple saw a drop in sales. This led the company to launch Apple QuickTake, a range of digital cameras and also the video game console, Apple Pippin.
  16. Apple clothing: Surprisingly enough, Apple had also launched a clothing line!
  17. Return of Jobs: Apple was in an extremely bad shape and in 1997, Jobs was brought back to revive the company.
  18. Ended rivalry: To revive Apple Inc., Jobs joined hands with Bill Gates, who invested $150 million.
  19. No pets: As the CEO of the company, Jobs banned pets on Apple campus.
  20. No philanthropy programs: Jobs stopped all corporate philanthropy programs as the CEO of the company and also refused to be a part of Bill Gates’ “Giving Pledge.”
  21. Smoking ends warranty: Apple has a smoking ban rule wherein users smoking while using an Apple computer would have their warranty nullified.
  22. Unhygienic Jobs: Jobs stopped taking showers due to his belief that a fruitarian diet eliminated the need for a shower!
  23. More cash than US treasury: In 2011, it was revealed that Apple Inc. has more money than the treasury of the United States!
  24. Even more: Apple grew in leaps and bounds. In 2014, it was said that Apple has more money than the combined figure of Google, Facebook, and Amazon.
  25. Whooping price of one acre of land for data center: In North Carolina, after repeated refusal to sell an acre of land, Apple asked its owners to quote a price. The company ended up paying $1.7 million for just one acre of land!
  26. No trademark in Brazil: A local Brazilian company registered Apple’s iPhone trademark, back in 2000. So, Apple Inc. cannot use the trademark in Brazil.
  27. Matching blood group: When Jobs needed a liver transplant, Tim Cook offered to be a donor as he had the same rare blood group. But Jobs refused his offer.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JgZNE4YsBGU
  28. The number zero: Steve Jobs was given the employee number 2 and Wozniak was given 1 when the company began delegating number to its employees. Jobs was extremely unhappy with this and took up #0 as his number.
  29. Met biological father without knowing who he was: Jobs loved visiting a restaurant in Sacramento and met its owner Abdul Fattah Jandali several times. He was unaware that Jandali was his biological father.
  30. Computer for schools: Jobs donated computers to 10000 schools in California without Government support.
  31. Wrong gradient in O: Once Jobs called up Google to say that their O’s yellow gradient is not just right!
  32. Significance of “i”: It was previously thought that the “i” in iMac, iPad, or iPhone stands for the internet. But it was clarified by the company that the “I” stands for innovation and individuality.
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