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31 Utterly Amazing Facts Every Fan Must Know About Kristen Stewart – Bella Swan


Kristen Stewart turned heads with her performance as Bella Swan in the movie adaptation of the “Twilight” series. It seems that the actress is getting ready to take Hollywood for a ride, with her perfectly chosen roles portraying deeply troubled characters or the ones suffering an emotional trauma. Here are some little known facts about her which makes her really awesome:

  1. She is the first American actress to be nominated and actually win a Best Supporting Actress César Award for her performance as Valentine in the “Clouds of Sils Maria.” She is also the second American to win the award.
  2. For her iconic role of Isabella Swan, the “Twilight” director Catherine Hardwicke reportedly went to Pittsburgh to meet and audition her during her day off from the filming of “Adventureland.”
  3. Director Olivier Assayas claimed that he doesn’t think he could have written the screenplay of his movie “Personal Shopper,” if he hadn’t known Kristen from his collaboration with her in “Clouds of Sils Maria.”
  4. She revealed in an interview that she was really disturbed when she saw the life-size replica made of her for the scenes from “Zathura: A Space Adventure,” in which her character of Lisa is frozen.
  5. Director David Fincher claimed that during the filming of the movie “Panic Room” Kristen grew more than three inches. He said that when the filming commenced she was smaller than Jodie Foster, but went on to tower over her at the time of final shots.
  6. Following her famous movie “Twilight,” she never had to audition for any of her movies. It was for the Woody Allen’s “Cafe Society” in the year 2016 that she had to win the role through audition.
  7. According to Writer/Director Peter Sattler of the movie “Camp X-Ray,” having Kristen star as Pvt. Cole was a “Hail Mary pass” since she was the dream cast for the part.
  8. She was said to be Producer Charles Gillibert’s first choice for the role of Valentine in “Clouds of Sils Maria,” but Mia Wasikowska was cast due to a misunderstanding with her agent relating to her schedule.
  9. Stewart wanted to do the role of Valentine in, and reached out to the producer, but with Wasikowska being cast, she was offered the role of Jo-Ann Ellis. However, when Wasikowska declined the role, she was officially cast as Valentine.
  10. During the filming of the movie “Catch That Kid,” the scene in which her character Maddy is stuck babysitting Max, Stewart reportedly tried picking him up before the filming. However, the baby didn’t want to be picked up, and hence he can be seen walking.
  11. She is a very big fan of Director Kelly Reichardt and had always wanted to work with her. In fact, she accepted the offer to play the role of Elizabeth Travis in the movie “Certain Women,” just so she could work with the Director.
  12. For the DVD cover art of her 2007 movie “The Messengers,” her character Jess’s breasts were reportedly enhanced. However, she was not happy with the decision as Kristen was hardly 17 years old at that time.
  13. For her breakthrough role as Bella Swan in the “Twilight” series, she wore brown contacts to match the Bella’s eye color as per the book. She is known for her trademark naturally green eyes.
  14. In the movie “Panic Room” the childhood photos of her character Sarah that Meg puts around are really her own childhood pictures with her real family.
  15. Before the filming of 2018 movie “Lizzie,” she sported a platinum blonde, being free for several months. However, in November 2016, she dyed her hair back to her original usual dark brown colour for this movie.
  16. For the movie “Equals,” Director Drake Doremus’s first choice for the roles Nia and Silas were Kristen and Nicholas Hoult. He wanted them to play together and if even one of them was unable to take up the offer, he decided to leave both out of the project.
  17. Before the casting of “Twilight,” the lead actor Robert Pattinson had never heard of the novel. He reportedly attended casting for the movie only because he was impressed with Stewart’s performance in “Into the Wild.”
  18. She, along with her co-stars from the “On the Road” movie, agreed for a three week ‘beatnik boot camp’ as per the request of director Walter Salles. The entire period was about beatnik generation literature and audio interviews from Jack Kerouac.
  19. During the filming of “Snow White and the Huntsman,” she admitted to have overcome hear fear of horses. The fear was caused by an incident of a fractured elbow when she was nine years old.
  20. Stewart was cast in the Woody Allen movie “Cafe Society,” just because he was impressed with her performance in the 2009 movie “Adventureland.” In fact, the director was totally unaware of her involvement in the “Twilight” franchise.
  21. She claimed that she got plenty of fans with the close-up scene of her toes curling in the movie “Panic Room.” However, it was really hard for her to curl her toes and they were really long.
  22. In an effort to develop better connection between their characters in “Equals,” she and her co-star Nicholas Hoult went skateboarding at 4am while on location, while filming the movie.
  23. Kristen usually learns her lines in every movie, by quickly memorizing them and later altering a little in an effort to add idiosyncrasies to her characters.
  24. It was during the filming of the “Twilight” movie that Kristen turned eighteen. She celebrated with a birthday cake and a full night of shooting.
  25. However, for the filming of the “Certain Women” movie, words were very important to director Kelly Reichardt, and she had to say her lines word for word.
  26. Talking about her nude scene in the “Personal Shopper,” she claimed that she has no qualms and that she was not at all tensed to act naked in front of the camera or the rest of the crew. She even added that there’s strength in being totally bare.
  27. In a particular scene from the “Equals,” in which her character Nia reads something to Silas, while sitting together, Kristen is actually reading a poem written by her during that scene.
  28. When the budget for the movie “On the Road” was drastically cut, Stewart reportedly agreed to a salary less than $200,000, and remained committed to the her role of Marylou, because she loved the original novel by Jack Kerouac.
  29. During the filming of “Twilight,” she reportedly agreed to wear hair pieces, instead of opting for doing her hair. They saved that time and had more time to shoot.
  30. While shooting the “Snow White and the Huntsman” movie, she accidentally punched her co-star Chris Hemsworth, which resulted in his black eye. The particular take is said to have been used in the movie.
  31. Kristen Stewart Net Worth: $70 Million
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