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31 Surprising Facts About Sandra Bullock That Will Make You Love Her More


Sandra Bullock has been more like a household name for nearly five decades, what with her first acting gig was when she was 5 years old. With her remarkable and memorable performances, she soon became a highly sought after actress and in fact cemented herself as one of the most powerful actresses in the world. Here are a few unknown facts about the actress we bet you never knew before.

  1. She is the first performer in the history of Hollywood to win an Academy Award and a Razzie Award in the same year – 2009. She was also nominated for a Golden Globe Best Actress Award in that year.
  2. Sandra is the second actress in the history of Golden Raspberry “Razzie” Award, to claim the Worst Actress Award in person in the year 2009, only after Halle Barry who won the award in 2005. She won the Razzie Award for Worst Actress for her role as Mary Horowitz in “All About Steve.”
  3. During the award ceremony, she was so confident in her performance as Mary Horowitz that she bought a wagon full of DVDs of the movie “All About Steve,” for the attendees, claiming that they had mostly voted to see if she would come to the ceremony, and not because of her performance.
  4. She went on to ask attendees to watch the movie and decided if she was the “Worst Actress.” In case, the audience changed their mind, she would return the award in the next ceremony and buy drinks for everybody.
  5. For her role as Leigh Anne Tuohy in “The Blind Side,” she reportedly agreed to work with a pay cut, as the movie had very limited budget. She was offered a percentage of the movie’s profits, which turned out to be very much considerable.
  6. In the movie “The Heat,” her character Ashburn’s yearbook is actually her 1982 yearbook from Washington-Lee High School in Arlington, Virginia. Her picture in the yearbook was digitally manipulated by the art department to include glasses and braces.
  7. In preparation for her role of Ryan Stone in the “Gravity,” she underwent physical training for nearly six months, while simultaneously reviewing each and every detail of the script with director Alfonso Cuarón.
  8. According to the script of the movie “Our Brand is Crisis,” the original protagonist was a male character. However, Director David Gordon Green and the screen play writer Peter Straughan were willing to switch the protagonist’s gender, just to have Bullock cast as the lead.
  9. In the movie “Miss Congeniality,” she, along with her co-star Benjamin Bratt performed all their own stunts, even though stunt doubles were brought in.
  10. During the filming of “Premonition” movie, in the hospital scene, in which her character can be seen restrained and struggling, she actually did cut herself by accident. So, instead of a body double getting a Tetanus shot in that scene, it was Bullock who really got the injection.
  11. In preparation for her role as Annie in the 1994 movie “Speed,” alongside Keanu Reeves, she actually learned to drive a bus and even cleared her bus driving test on the very first attempt.
  12. Being friends with Ryan Reynolds for over nine years, she as well as Reynolds felt very awkward and uncomfortable initially, while shooting their nude scenes in the movie “The Proposal.” But quickly made it comfortable between them.
  13. At the time of the World Trade Center incident on September 11, 2001, she was actually in New York City. She with her entire family reportedly witnessed the second plane, United Airlines Flight 175, crashing into the World Trade Center’s South Tower.
  14. During the filming of “Gravity,” she memorized long combinations of precise movements, due to the lengthy takes of director Alfonso Cuarón, in an effort to hit her marks at different points in the shot.
  15. It was reported that she originally passed on the movie “Bird Box,” when it was first being developed. But after accepting the role of Malorie, she personally requested Sarah Paulson to play the role of Jessica, her character’s sister.
  16. In preparation for her role as Gwen Cummings in the “28 Days” movie, she spent some time in a rehab clinic, to understand her character better.
  17. She claimed in a Rolling Stone interview that she was nervous while filming the nude sex scene in the 1993 movie “Fire on the Amazon.” She placed duct tapes on her breasts and even had the production company sign a contract of which parts of her should not be shown.
  18. The film “Premonition” was reportedly shot in continuity, due to which Bullock had to meet the entire crew every day, during the filming period, just to make sure that she could know what she had to know on that day.
  19. While filming the movie “The Blind Side,” in the first couple of weeks, she felt her acting to be so bad and feared ruining the project that director John Lee Hancock had worked so hard on.
  20. She even considered to drop out of the project of “The Blind Side,” so someone better could perform the role of Leigh Anne Tuohy. However, she ended up winning her first Oscar Award for Best Actress for her performance.
  21. It was reported that she agreed to star in the 1997 movie “Speed 2: Cruise Control,” only to get financing for her pet project “Hope Floats.” she even jokingly referred to the “Speed 2” movie as “the biggest piece of crap ever made.”
  22. On the last day of the shooting of the movie “Our Brand Is Crisis,” she had an ice cream truck brought to set, in an effort to thank the entire crew and cast members.
  23. For the movie “Bird Box,” she was blindfolded for more than fifty percent of the shooting schedule. She even ran into the camera a few times.
  24. She had been so committed to her role of Jean in the 2004 movie “Crash,” that she bought her own plane ticket to fly to the set, although her screen time in the entire movie is just 5 minutes.
  25. During the filming of her character’s shots in “Gravity,” she was mostly placed inside a giant, mechanical rig. It took a very significant amount of time only to get inside and get out of the rig every day.
  26. In an effort to save time, Bullock chose to stay put in the rig all day, for nearly 10 hours, throughout the shooting period. The crew nicknamed the rig as “Sandy’s cage” and gave it a lighted sign.
  27. The entire cast and crew along with the director Alfonso Cuarón wanted to make the rig to feel as inviting and non-claustrophobic as possible, so had a celebration each day when Bullock arrived.
  28. The famous scene from her movie “Speed,” in which her character pretends to put a chewing gum on her seat to fins an excuse to move away from Stephens was actually improvised on spot by Bullock.
  29. During the filming of the movie “Miss Congeniality,” she accidentally injured her co-star Benjamin Bratt, while shooting a particular scene in which her character had to kick him in the calves after he said, “Yes, you have to wear the bathing suit.”
  30. Before shooting any particular scene for the movie “28 Days,” in which her character should have uncontrollable shakes, she reportedly drank a triple espresso.
  31. Sandra Bullock Net Worth: $200 Million
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