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31 Never Before Known Facts About The Heartthrob Robert Pattinson


Since his first appearance, Robert Pattinson is known to take up roles in unusual films, and Hollywood stories. With years, he has evolved into one of the heartthrobs and most interesting actors in Hollywood. And now, he is all set to take his die-hard fans for a ride as Batman in the upcoming movie based on the comic superhero. Here are a few surprising facts about the English actor:

  1. In the movie “The King,” the famous scene in which The Dauphin trying to fight Hal, keeps slipping in the mud, was actually played by Pattinson himself. Although a stuntman performed the scene, Pattinson’s take was much better and was left in the final cut.
  2. He was reportedly the top choice for the role of Batman in the Matt Reeves 2021 movie “The Batman,” as Reeves was very much impressed with Pattinson’s performance in 2017 film “Good Time.”
  3. Pattinson claimed that he was allowed to read the script of “Tenet,” only once, in a locked room at Warner Bros. Studios. He felt the project to be really “unreal,” when he read the script.
  4. He had been attached to “The Devil All the Time” project since the year 2017, and was actually suggested to play a bigger part by director Antonio Campos. However, he felt the character of Preston Teagardin to be interesting and insisted on portraying that character.
  5. He had first passed on the script of “Damsel” thinking it would never get financed, as he was not able to really categorize it. However, a few weeks later he randomly watched “Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter,” one of the previous films of the directors and loved it. Wanting to work with the directors, he immediately accepted this movie.
  6. During the filming of the “Good Time” movie, his hair fell out in chunks, due to bleaching it continuously, to achieve the required color. The crew first dyed his hair black, then peroxided it to blonde, then bleached it back.
  7. Just as the filming wrapped, he shaved all of his hair off, which resulted in the mug shot photo of him on TV. The said photo was reportedly taken a day after the shooting was completed.
  8. Talking about his role as Batman, he claimed that he had always had a connection with the superhero Batman, even as a kid, and was actually obsessed with the superhero.
  9. He was cast as the Dauphin in “The King,” by director David Michôd, in the very early stages of the writing process. The director claimed that he wanted the character of Dauphin to “pop out” and knew Robert would sink his teeth into this character, and make it fun.
  10. During the filming of “The Lighthouse,” before shooting emotionally extreme scenes, he used to psyche himself with unusual approaches like beating himself in the face very badly or spinning around in circles a lot.
  11. Sometimes, Pattinson would stick his fingers down his throat, in an effort to make himself gag. Particularly, while filming the scene in which his co-star Willem Dafoe lies on his chest, while being drunk, he stuck his fingers down his throat, in front of the entire crew, just before the take.
  12. He received the news of his casting as the superhero Batman in the Matt Reeves “The Batman,” on his first day on the sets, while filming the Christopher Nolan’s “Tenet.”
  13. The role of Connie Nikas in the “Good Time” movie was specifically written with Robert in mind, after he contacted Safdie Brothers saying he was interested in working with them.
  14. It was reported that he had been trying to get a meeting finalized with Reeves, since the minute he heard the news of the director working on a Batman movie script. However, the director had been very reluctant to meet him.
  15. When he finally got the chance to meet the director in Los Angeles, he claimed that he had a pad full of notes, trying to imagine how and what could have Reeves written, as he had not read the script.
  16. His “The King” co-star Timothée Chalamet claimed the funniest memory he has about the filming the entire movie is seeing Robert vaping on set in his full fancy armor and make-up.
  17. Before the filming of “The Lighthouse” began, he and his co-star had to rehearse with director Robert Eggers for a week in a hotel in Halifax. Pattinson is said to have been frustrated and uncomfortable with the rehearsal as he felt that rehearsals would ruin the spontaneity of any scene, making it feel fake in front of the camera.
  18. Once in an interview, he claimed that the very first time he wore the Batsuit for the audition of the movie, he felt extremely powerful and proud.
  19. In an effort to achieve authenticity and also avoid any kind of attention to the shooting of the movie “Good Time,” the locations of filming were not shut down from the public.
  20. However, nobody was able to recognize Pattinson, and not even a single cell phone picture had to be taken from pedestrians, during the entire time of the shoot.
  21. In fact, he stayed in character even off-screen to avoid anybody recognizing him. Towards the end of the filming, when they were shooting the scene in security guard’s apartment block, the residents asked him if he was Bradley Cooper’s security guard, as they heard a movie starring Cooper was being shot.
  22. In preparation for his superhero role in “The Batman,” he underwent rigorous training in jiujitsu with Brazilian instructor and John Wick alumnus Rigan Machado.
  23. Just as he was cast in the “Twilight” movie, he moved to Oregon and started preparing for his character, both physically and mentally. He worked out five hours a day and learned to fight and do stunts. He learned baseball and also to drive.
  24. A few weeks before the filming of “Twilight” commenced, he stopped talking to anybody, in an effort to try and feel as isolated as his character of Edward Cullen.
  25. During the filming of “The Lighthouse,” he barely spoke a word with his co-star Willem Dafoe on the set, as both the actors were totally exhausted to hang out after shooting, due to the physically demanding shots as well as the miserable weather conditions.
  26. However, both the actors liked each other very much, just as they had their first conversation, and became a bit close, months after the filming of the movie was wrapped.
  27. He was very much familiar with the 14-months old Scarlett Lindsey, who plays his daughter Willow in the “High Life,” as Lindsey is his longtime friend Sam Bradley’s daughter.
  28. Initially, identical twin girls were cast, but even two days before the filming started, he could not bond with the girls. They would start crying just as he picks them up and were totally uncomfortable without their mother.
  29. The night before the shooting of the movie “High Life” commenced, he got the idea to cast his friend’s daughter, and asked him in the last minute. The next morning, his friend flew in from London. It was reported that Lindsay took her first steps ever in front of the camera.
  30. Although he was the frontrunner for the superhero role in “The Batman,” he was furious when the news leaked about his casting negotiations in the movie, as he had not even screen-tested at that time.
  31. Robert Pattinson Net Worth: $100 Million
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