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31 Just Awesome Facts About Jeremy Renner We Bet You Didn’t Know Before


Be it a superhero or a magician or just another playful guy about to get married, Jeremy Renner is certainly can’t-miss actor, who captures the audience with his performance. In fact, it is now difficult to imagine anybody else portraying the superhero Hawkeye, other than him. But, he is not in the limelight as often as his co-stars. There are actually tons of facts about him that is mostly not known. Here’s a few fascinating facts about him that will make you love him more:

  1. It was his performance as Jeffrey Dahmer, the serial killer in the 2002 movie “Dahmer,” that earned him the chance to play Sgt William James in “The Hurt Locker,” as director Kathryn Bigelow was very much impressed with his portrayal.
  2. With his salary from the “S.W.A.T” movie, he and his friend bought a dilapidated house in which they lived after restoration. He once claimed in an interview that the house earned him a fairly significant profit when they sold it years later.
  3. For his role as Orlando in “The Immigrant,” he underwent training on multiple magic stunts and card tricks, along with spitting fire trick, over a very short period of time, just before the filming commenced. Jeremy had very quickly caught onto these tricks that his trainers claimed he could become a professional magician with just a few more days of training.
  4. He was first offered the role of Jackson Lamb in “Super 8,” was when he got to know that Tom Cruise and Brad Bird were interested in casting him as William Brandt in “Mission Impossible” franchise, he chose the role of Brandt. At the time of offer, he was only briefed on the character and film, as the script was not yet ready.
  5. In the “American Hustle” movie, the infant he kisses on the hand while greeting people on the streets of Camden, is actually his newborn baby girl Ava Berlin Renner. The woman holding Ava is his girlfriend Sonni Pacheco. Director David O. Russell offered both the baby and mother special cameo. Renner’s mother was also offered a cameo, which she declined.
  6. During the filming of “The Hurt Locker,” Renner tripped and fell down a few stairs on the film sets, while carrying an Iraqi boy and twisted his ankle. The shooting was delayed by several days to allow his ankle to heal.
  7. In preparation for his role as James Coughlin in 2010 movie “The Town,” he reportedly surrounded himself with actual convicted bank robbers in Charlestown, in an effort to nail the accent and also better research his character.
  8. For the role of Cory Lambert in the “Wind River,” Jeremy had been the first and only choice of director Taylor Sheridan. However, when he was not available, Sheridan approached Chris Pine, who also had to drop out. When Renner’s schedule was cleared again, he was immediately roped in for the role.
  9. It was reported that the production of the movie “Arrival,” in which he played the role of Ian Donnelly, was kept in hold, and started in mind-June 2015, immediately after Renner completed filming his scenes for “Captain America: Civil War.”
  10. His character Hawkeye’s line from “Avengers: age of Ultron,” – “Nobody would know. Nobody. The last I saw him, an Ultron was sitting on him. Uh.. yeah, he’ll be missed. That quick little bastard. I miss him already,” was reportedly improvised by Jeremy on spot while shooting the scene.
  11. Talking about his role as Gary Webb in the “Kill the Messenger,” he claimed that just as he was alerted about the story by his producing partner Don Handfield, he wanted to portray Gary, and so started pulling in favors to get the movie made. He simply felt that Gary’s story needed to be told.
  12. But, before “Kill the Messenger,” he was in talks to portray the political whistle-blower Julian Assange in the 2013 movie “The Fifth Estate.” He is said to have turned the offer down, to portray Gary Webb.
  13. In every scene from the movie “the Hurt Locker,” in which his character Staff Sergeant William James wears the bomb disposal outfit – bomb-proof kevlar suit, it is really Renner behind the suit, instead of using any doubles.
  14. The suit, being authentic, was very heavy and the temperatures were always over 100 degrees Fahrenheit on set. The producers intended to have doubles for some shots, in an effort to reduce the risk of heatstroke.
  15. However, director Kathryn Bigelow felt Jeremy’s distinctive walk could not be achieved by any of doubles and requested him to perform all the shots. Hence, in even the extremely long shots, its Jeremy in the suit.
  16. Director Ben Affleck initially wanted to have Mark Wahlberg play the role of James Coughlin in “The Town,” but Wahlberg was not available and Affleck was having a hard time finding the right actor. His brother Casey Affleck, who had worked with Renner in “The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford,” suggested having him play the character.
  17. During the filming of the final battle scene in “The Avengers,” he performed the stunt of crashing through a window by himself. He was severely injured, and had ripped a muscle from his back to shoulder.
  18. In the 2015 blockbuster “Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation,” in which he plays the role of William Brandt, he reportedly has the first as well as the last line of the movie.
  19. As a part of the preparation for their respective titular roles in “Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters, he and his co-star Gemma Arterton, had to undergo training for more than month, in order to meet the physical demands of their roles.
  20. He claims the most difficult scene he has ever shot to have been the motorcycle ride with Rachel Weisz behind him in Manila in the movie “The Bourne Legacy,” as he was responsible for both of them.
  21. For the movie “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” he was among the lead actors who were called just three months before the release of the movie, to film several re-shoots.
  22. Director David O. Russell was impressed with Renner’s work of humor and risk-taking on “Saturday Night Live,” and was very much excited to work with him in the movie “American Hustle.”
  23. Renner was first offered the role of Richie DiMaso, when Bradley Cooper was cast as Irving Rosenfeld, due to Christian Bale quitting the project. However, when Bale returned to the project, Cooper was given his role back.
  24. Wanting to work with Renner, the director immediately incorporated the character of Mayor Carmine Polito for him in the script. The role is said to have been based on real life Camden Mayor Angelo Errichett.
  25. In preparation for his role as the famous superhero Agent Clint Barton / Hawkeye in “The Avengers,” he underwent archery training with Olympic archers.
  26. Even before the release of the movie “The Town,” director Ben Affleck praised Renner for his performance, and claimed jokingly that if there was any bad shot, editing would easily cut to Jeremy looking at a napkin, in an effort to make the scene work.
  27. During the filming of a stunt sequence in his 2018 movie “Tag,” he accidentally fractured his right elbow and left wrist simultaneously.
  28. His character of William Brandt in the “Mission Impossible” franchise is said to have been specifically created as an eventual replacement for Tom Cruise’s character Ethan Hunt, when and ever Cruise decides to step away from the franchise.
  29. He was first considered for the role of Robert Ford in “The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford,” but was rejected as too old. However, he was cast as Wood Hite later in the movie.
  30. Jeremy is a very big supporter of San Francisco 49ers. “The Timeline: A Tale of Two Cities,” which gives the history of rivalry between San Francisco 49ers and Dallas Cowboys, was actually narrated by him.
  31. Jeremy Renner Net Worth: $50 Million
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