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23 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Santa Claus


Santa Claus is a very special figure, especially during the Christmas period. Also known as Father Christmas, Santa Claus is tasked with rewarding well-behaved children, especially on Christmas Day. The figure of Santa Claus is modeled after Saint Nicholas, who was a fourth century Greek bishop in the early church. Here are some facts that you probably didn’t know about Santa Claus.

1. Saint Nicholas gave gifts to prevent girls from indulging in prostitution

There is a legend of Saint Nicholas who helped pay the dowry of a man who had 3 daughters. He threw a purse filled with gold through the man’s window, allowing the family to have money for the daughters to marry. Without the money, the daughters might not have married, needing to turn to prostitution to survive.

2. Saint Nicholas was always associated with children

Saint Nicholas loves and respects human life. In one legend about him, he came across an innkeeper who butchered three children during a famine, passing their meat off as ham. Nicholas prayed to God for the children to return to life and return to their families. As a result, St. Nicholas is called the patron and protector of Children.

3. Santa the accomplice of Coca-Cola

Historically, Santa never used to dress in white and red as he does these days. It wasn’t until 1931, when he was featured in a fantastic Coca-Cola advertisement, that he abandoned his previous colors, which were mauve, green, blue, and brown.

4. Santa Claus replaced the yule goat

Long ago, before Santa Claus came into the limelight, a Yule Goat could wander around to ensure everyone had prepared enough for the Christmas celebrations. Later on, Santa took up those responsibilities, including the distribution of gifts.

5. Santa may have castrated his reindeer

A lot of questions surround the gender of Santa’s reindeer. Male reindeer are known to shed their antlers following the mating season in early December, while female reindeer retain their antlers. Santa’s reindeer however are always pictured with their antlers. In this case, Santa’s reindeer are either female, or males that have been castrated, as that would also prevent their antlers from coming off.

6. Santa was one of the longest-lasting bachelors

Santa became a familiar figure in the American culture around the 1700s. However, his spouse was made public in a short story in 1849 called, “A Christmas Legend.” Perhaps, Santa was a single man all along, without a wife.

7. Santa had bones that dripped miracle juice

Santa Claus is known for his unmatched love, generosity, and kindness. It is also believed that Saint Nicholas bones leaked a miraculous liquid that contains healing powers.

8. Santa takes pride in his sleigh, regarded as the fastest vehicle

Santa’s mandate was always evident, distributing gifts to as many households as possible. Fortunately, he is helped by a sleigh that is capable of moving at supersonic speeds. In fact, his sleigh is moving so fast, he should burn up in the atmosphere according to Newtonian physics.

9. Santa doesn’t fancy cookies and milk

He just doesn’t seem interested in eating food left out for him, such as cookies and milk. Perhaps a cursory bite can be found the morning after. Perhaps Santa prefers Christmas pudding, mince pies, or a mug of Guinness.

10. Every letter directed To Santa Claus ends up in a post office in Indiana

As early as 1914, people have been writing and sending letters to Santa Claus, with all the letters routed to Indiana at a small post office. Those letters accompanied with a return address receive a reply. Maybe Santa is a Hoosier in the off season?

11. Santa has multiple aliases

Santa is not referred to by the same name in all countries. For Instance, in the Netherlands and Belgium, Santa goes under the name Sinterklaas.

12. Santa Earns A Salary

It is not yet clear on the exact amount that Santa earns. According to a reliable estimate, Santa Claus is believed to earn close to $155,000 every year.

13. Which town does Santa hail from

Uncertainties surround the actual hometown of Santa Claus. Some think it is in Alaska with others utterly convinced that his hometown is Rovaniemi, Finland.

14. He is a licensed Pilot

Do you know that Santa has a pilot license? In 1927 he was issued a pilot’s license from the United Status. The license permits him to fly.

15. Most of his letters come from France

Santa Claus always touches the hearts of many children around the world. In return, he receives millions of letters, with the majority of his letters coming from France. In 2013, it is estimated that 1.7 million children in France wrote to Santa.

16. Washington Irving invented Santa Claus’ chimney delivery system

One thing that is unique about Santa Claus is his chimney delivery system. This delivery system was invented by Washington Irving, in his book-Knickerbocker’s History of New York, where he described Santa as rattling down the chimney.

17. Not loved by Philadelphia Eagles fans

In 1968, Philadelphia Eagles were being humiliated mercilessly in front of more than 54,000 hometown fans all season. It was December, and snow was the order of the day. But the weather wasn’t a severe issue then, but Santa’s appearance at halftime in front of grouchy fans resulted in snowballs being thrown at the icon.

18. Iceland doesn’t get a visit from Santa

In the place of Father Christmas, people in this country are visited by Yule Lads, a couple of pranksters.

19. Santa Claus is A bona-fide mutant

Apart from his magical powers, Santa is known to be a powerful mutant. This is according to a device (Cerebro) developed by Professor X specifically in the X-Men Comic university that detects a mutant

20. It was once illegal to celebrate Christmas

In the past, celebrating Christmas was a serious offense, especially in the New England colonies. Authorities dictated how December 25th was to be spent instead of celebrating Christmas, which was considered to have pagan significance at the time. Citizens of New England did not have a place for Santa Claus.

21. Santa has been around for at least 200 years

You will be surprised by Santa Claus’ impressive longevity. According to a Dutch tradition of Santa called Sinterklass, it seems Santa has been around for at least 200 years.

22. Reindeer Became Popular because of the poem “Twas the Night Before Christmas.”

Reindeer were popularized by the poem, Twas the Night Before Christmas, formerly known as A Visit From Saint Claus. This poem, written by Clement Moore, mentions Santa driving a sleigh pulled by eight small reindeer.

23. St. Nicholas inspired the Name Santa Claus

Santa was inspired by St. Nicholas, a real individual who lived in the 4th Century in Turkey, formerly known as Myra.


Many people around the world look forward to Christmas and its festivities, which unite families, friends, and entire communities. One thing that makes this period memorable is the existence of Santa Claus, who comes around to give presents to good children. We hope that this article has helped you learn an interesting thing or two about Santa, and we wish you and your family the best this Christmas season.

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