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12 Barley Benefits and Side Effects

12 Barley Benefits and Side Effects
12 Barley Benefits and Side Effects (pixabay)
12 Barley Benefits and Side Effects
12 Barley Benefits and Side Effects (pixabay)

1. Diabetes Prevention

The component called beta-glucan contained in barley helps to prevent and improve diabetes by regulating the body’s blood sugar and insulin balance and delaying the absorption of sugar. Also, if you boil barley tea, you can drink it instead of other drinks that contain a lot of sugar because it has a natural sweetness, so it is good for diabetic patients.

2. ​Gut health

Barley contains abundant soluble dietary fiber, which activates bowel movement and prevents constipation by helping bowel movements. Also, barley tea is known to improve digestive disorders and help intestinal health. 3. Cardiovascular health The beta-glucan and niacin components in barley lower bad cholesterol and lipoprotein levels in our body and help to prevent cardiovascular diseases such as arteriosclerosis and high blood pressure by improving blood circulation.

4. ​Prevention of cancer

Unsaturated fatty acids contained in barley play a role in excreting carcinogens from the body and contain proanthocyanidin, one of the polyphenol components, to remove active oxygen and inhibit cancer cell proliferation. It is said to have anticancer effects.

5. Bone health

Barley contains a large amount of ingredients that help our body’s bone health, such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and zinc. In particular, calcium contains 11 times more than milk, so it can help the bone health of growing children or the elderly who are at risk of osteoporosis. 6. Immunity enhancement Barley contains a large amount of ingredients that strengthen the immune system of our body, such as active protein called peptide, beta-glucan, and aribinoxylan, etc. have.

7. Sleep aid

Barley contains tryptophan and melatonin, which release neurotransmitters from the brain and help sleep, improving insomnia by helping sleep.

8. Diet

Barley is low-calorie and rich in dietary fiber, so it is suitable for diet. Dietary fiber maintains satiety and promotes intestinal health. It is also rich in other nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and fiber, so it is suitable for weight control by preventing nutritional imbalances during dieting. 9. Fatigue recovery and detoxification The polyphenol component contained in barley is a representative antioxidant that prevents cell damage in our body and suppresses free radicals to remove oxidative stress, the cause of fatigue. It also contains amino acids, which help relieve muscle fatigue and improve stamina. It also contains a component called policosanol, which is known to help liver health and detoxify the body.

11. Prevention of gallstones

Barley is rich in insoluble fiber, which reduces the secretion of bile acids and helps prevent gallstones by inhibiting the formation of gallstones. 12. Prevention of anemia The vitamins B1, B2, folic acid, aniacin, potassium, and iron contained in barley prevent and improve beriberi and anemia.

Barley Side Effects

Because barley is a cold food, people who are usually cold may not like barley. In particular, people who have an allergic reaction when eating barley should avoid eating it, and be careful during pregnancy as barley sprouts may be bad.

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