• Skittles are made by Mars Candy Company, which was founded by Frank C. Mars in 1911. Frank C. Mars started his candy business in 1911 and later created Skittles, one of the most popular candies in the world.
  • Skittles first came to the United States as an import confectionery in 1979 and started local production in 1982. Skittles were originally imported from Europe to the U.S. in 1979, but they became so popular that they began to be made locally in 1982.
  • Skittles rank among America’s favorite candies and are the leading non-chocolate candy in the world. Many Americans love Skittles and they are the most successful candy that does not contain chocolate in the world market.
  • Skittles have different flavors depending on the color of the candy, but they all have the same taste with different fragrances and colors. Skittles may seem to have different flavors like lemon, strawberry, grape, orange, and lime, but they actually all taste the same and only differ in their smell and color.
  • Skittles have a hard sugar shell imprinted with the letter ‘S’, similar to M&M’s which have the letter ‘M’. Skittles have a crunchy sugar coating with a letter ‘S’ on it, just like M&M’s have a letter ‘M’ on their chocolate coating.
  • Skittles contain 400 calories and 75.6 g of sugar per 100 grams, which is much more than the nutrition of actual fruits. Skittles are very high in calories and sugar and do not provide much nutrition compared to real fruits, so they should be eaten in moderation.
  • Skittles have many variations of flavors, such as orchard, dark, sweet heat, sensations, wild berry, and more. Skittles are not only fruity, but they also have many other flavors that range from sweet to spicy, such as orchard, dark, sweet heat, sensations, wild berry, and more.
  • Skittles released a yogurt flavor line called Skittles Dips or yoghurt-coated Skittles. Skittles added a new twist to their candy by coating them with yogurt and creating Skittles Dips, which have flavors like blackcurrant, orange, lime, lemon, and strawberry.
  • Skittles do not have a blue color in their original pack because blue was one of the most difficult dyes to create for food products during the mid-70s. Skittles do not include blue in their original rainbow because blue was a hard color to make for food products when they were first produced in the mid-70s.
  • Skittles have a humorous origin story that involves a colorful force from outer space that cracked Pangea’s supercontinent and covered the land with Skittles. Skittles have a funny origin story that says they came from a powerful rainbow that broke Pangea’s supercontinent and buried the planet with Skittles.

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