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10 Outstanding Benefits and Side Effects Of Cherry Tomatoes

10 Outstanding Benefits and Side Effects Of Cherry Tomatoes
10 Outstanding Benefits and Side Effects Of Cherry Tomatoes (Pixabay)
10 Outstanding Benefits and Side Effects Of Cherry Tomatoes
10 Outstanding Benefits and Side Effects Of Cherry Tomatoes (Pixabay)

Cherry tomatoes taste similar to regular tomatoes, but did you know that these small cherry tomatoes have more nutrients than larger tomatoes? Cherry tomatoes are one of the vegetables that can be eaten simply because they taste good and because they are small in size, they are easy to eat. Cherry tomatoes can be eaten as is or used in salads and other dishes, and are quite popular. So, let’s take a look at the benefits of cherry tomatoes.

1. Skin beauty

Lycopene in cherry tomatoes has excellent antioxidant properties and prevents cellular aging, so it keeps our skin healthy and contains a lot of vitamin C. It regenerates and strengthens skin elasticity.

2. Antioxidant effect

The red color of cherry tomatoes is a component called lycopene, which is said to have a superior antioxidant effect than general components. Lycopene has the effect of preventing cells from aging by removing free radicals. Even if I don’t say that it’s bad if there are a lot of free radicals in our body, many women will know.

3. Strengthen intestinal motility

The effect of cherry tomatoes that helps with bowel movement and thins stools is good for removing stool stools. The pectin in cherry tomatoes thins the stool and the bowel movement is good, so it comes out well. If you have constipation or if you think your bowel movements are weak, we recommend that you consume cherry tomatoes on a regular basis.

4. Prevention of cardiovascular disease

Among cherry tomatoes, lycopene not only oxidizes but also has the effect of preventing the accumulation of LDH cholesterol called bad cholesterol. Hehe, lycopene is the best. Studies have shown that people who regularly consume cherry tomatoes are less likely to develop cardiovascular disease. Among cardiovascular diseases, heart attack is the most terrifying.

5. Cancer Prevention

Not only does it contain the antioxidant lycopene, but it is also rich in selenium, vitamins C and E beta-carotene, and there are studies that show that regular intake can prevent various cancers. If you can prevent cancer-related diseases only with cherry tomatoes that are easy to eat, you should eat cherry tomatoes, which are in season in June. It is good for preventing prostate pressure, which men hate, so we recommend eating it sparingly.

6. Diet

Cherry tomatoes are low in calories and high in nutrients. The size is a great little girl. Low-calorie, high-nutrition fruit Small in size, full of satiety (rich in dietary fiber) and rich in nutrients, it is a representative fruit that women who are on a diet are looking for.

7. Men’s Health

What is Men’s Health? A man’s pride It gets weak with age It is one of the cherry tomatoes to prevent it. This is a recipe taught by someone who ate 8 or more cherry tomatoes at three meals a day. Don’t be fooled and try it for a month. There are people who eat too much if they say it is good. It’s never okay to eat too much. Try eating cherry tomatoes in moderation, thinking that it is a health supplement while eating other foods.

8. Prevention of high blood pressure

Whether cherry tomatoes have only antioxidants or not. There is a component called saponin, which turns into a steroid hormone when it enters our body. Just hearing the name of the steroid hormone gives me strength, but it prevents arteriosclerosis and regulates blood pressure, which is excellent in preventing hypertension. Rutin and vitamin C play a role in strengthening capillaries. It is said to improve blood circulation. A healthy life can be maintained only when the blood circulation in the body is good.

9. Hangover Improvement

Instead of just eating cherry tomatoes in the morning on the day you have a big drink, make a juice and drink it often. When you drink cherry tomato juice and when you don’t drink it, you can feel the difference in relieving the scab. As it helps the blood circulation mentioned above, it is perfect for a hangover.

10. Prevention of osteoporosis

Among the effects of cherry tomatoes, it is said to help calcium absorption and prevent osteoporosis. Did you know that vitamin D is essential for calcium absorption? It is a very good fruit for growing children and the elderly. It is easy to eat and can be purchased anywhere.

How to store cherry tomatoes When storing cherry tomatoes. Be sure to remove the stem of cherry tomatoes before storing. I buy it and eat it within 2 days. There is a difference in freshness between the one with the stem removed and the one without the stem. Cherry tomatoes themselves have a different elasticity and a slightly different taste.

Cherry Tomato Side Effects

The side effect of cherry tomatoes is that lycopene can cause allergies, so it is not good for people with a cold body, so it is better to refrain from taking it.

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