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10 Breathtaking Cities You Can Visit With Just $100


Travelling makes up for a large part of an adventurous life. Whether it is the actual adventure in itself or it is part of a much bigger adventure, travelling will undoubtedly complete the whole experience while contributing to the unforgettable moment’s life has to offer. We take a look at some of the world’s most breathtaking cities you could visit for under $100 a day:

1. Shanghai – Estimated daily expense: $50.41

This beautiful city offers among the best experiences and lively thrill for surprisingly affordable prices. On average, nightly hotel expenses will favorably cost you anywhere around $26.67, a sumptuous three-course meal at a mid-range restaurant costs $16.37 while a single meal would cost you just $4.98. With Shanghai offering the fourth least expensive hotel expenses and the third-least costly meal compared to other cities around the world, this city will give you the best experience at reasonably convenient rates.

2. Bali, Indonesia – Estimated daily expense: $23.37

Probably one among the cheapest cities to explore if you are looking to visit Indonesia is Bali. Boasting of the best prices compared to most cities than not around the world, Panama is the only other city that compares to Bali when it comes to offering the least expensive cost of transportation at just 25 cents on a one-way ticket. Budget-friendly hotels offer averagely $11.33 a night, while a meal would only cost you $2.14 at low budget hotels. If you are looking for an adventurous experience at the friendliest prices available, Bali would be an ideal destination.

3. Johannesburg – Estimated daily expense: $52.67

While catching a flight to Johannesburg may be a little bit costly, staying in this beautiful city is definitely worth the trouble. Apart from enjoying the breathtaking sites and the educational experience from visiting destinations such as the world-famous Apartheid museum, Johannesburg offers the third-cheapest nightly accommodation expenses at just $18.67. The ends, in this case, certainly justify the means.

4. Prague – Estimated daily expense: $59.53

If you are looking for the ultimate architectural experience and fulfillment in this adventurous field, then Prague would be an ideal destination for you. A meal in a budget-friendly restaurant will only cost you $6.29 as you take in the breathtaking architectural marvel expressed by monuments such as the Prague Castle, the Old Town Square, and the Charles Bridge. You can explore the city of Prague with a budget of $60 a day.

5. Abu Dhabi – Estimated daily expense: $80.16

Middle-East destinations are known for their lush and luxurious lifestyles. While it may not be budget-friendly in-terms of actually getting there as it could cost you something in the region of $1,156 for a round trip air ticket, the whole experience would be worth every penny. Considering transportation costs within the city cost only $2.16 for four tickets to facilitate convenient movement through the city, a little over $80 ought to cover your daily costs through the city.

6. Sao Paulo – Estimated daily expense: $63.47

Adventurous and travel enthusiasts alike might enjoy this destination while considering the best leisure spots. It would cost you about $787 for a round-trip to Sao Paulo; you won’t be regretting the decision once you get to this city bristling with joy. Considering nightly accommodation and movement through the city would only set you back under $65 budget ought to get you through an adventurous day. Be sure to visit sites such as the Ibirapuera Park, the free concerts, and the welcoming food vendors to complete your experience in Sao Paulo.

7. Las Vegas – Estimated daily expense: $89.67

Famously known as “sin city,” a lot of people might shy away from the prospect of exploring Las Vegas largely because of its reputation that associates the city with profound extravagance and luxurious lifestyles. A meal will cost you $15 in a low budget restaurant as you explore the lively streets of Las Vegas. This might be a little bit costlier compared to rates within other cities, but it is still within budget-friendly rates. Getting to Las Vegas is as well pocket friendly as it will only set you back a favorable $226 on a round-trip basis.

8. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina – Estimated daily expense: $87

Offering among the budget friendliest round-trip airfares at just $219, Myrtle Beach in South Carolina has developed into a preferred destination for summer adventure enthusiasts. The seemingly endless activities offered here will adequately make up for the slightly high transportation costs, which will set you back $2.25 for a one-way ticket while getting around the city. With a budget of just under $90, you should comfortably be able to experience the thrill offered by Myrtle Beach.

9. Athens, Greece – Estimated daily expense: $76.38

Historical enthusiasts and adventurers of past eras would appreciate a trip to this breathtaking city in Greece. It is no surprise that Athens is among the top prospective destinations on travelers’ lists, considering it is home to some of the world’s most intriguing historical sites such as the Parthenon and the Acropolis. Nightly accommodation costs an average of $36, while a meal at a budget-friendly hotel would cost you an average of $11. A daily expense of just under $80 would definitely be worth the historical and educational experience.

10. Cancun, Mexico – Estimated daily expense: $54.53  

For an intriguing and thrilling experience, Cancun would be an ideal consideration. This beautiful Mexican city offers an unparalleled experience throughout the days and nights, while exploration diversifies from aquamarine life to archaeological escapades. Budget restaurants offer meals at $5.22 a pop while three-course meals go for $14.37 per person. If the widely popular beaches don’t exactly cut it for you, there are numerous other activities to engage in including the thrilling dolphin swim which allows visitors an up-close and unforgettable encounter with the dolphins, and a tour to the Chichen Itza, which is a site offering one of a kind insights to the ancient Mayan civilization. A satisfying exploratory trip to Cancun will cost you just under $55.

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