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31 Daniel Radcliffe Facts That We Bet You Didn’t Know Before


There can be no doubt in recognizing Daniel Radcliffe anywhere in the world. In fact, over the last two decades, he had literally grown up with our kids, as the Harry Potter we adore. But, there’s more to the actor than just his role as Harry Potter, like his stage performances, humanitarian works, and not to forget, his performances in other movies. Here are some intriguing facts about the boy who played Harry Potter:

  1. Radcliffe first bagged the role of Allen Ginsberg in “Kill Your Darlings,” in the year 2008, while performing the Broadway play “Equus.” However, since his schedule was full with the last two films in the “Harry Potter” franchise, the production cast Chris Evans, Jesse Eisenberg, and Ben Whishaw instead.
  2. But, the film’s financing faced severe issues, and the production was halted. Directed John Krokidas was hired, who started fresh again, casting Daniel as Allen Ginsberg.
  3. Stuart Pearson Wright, an English portrait artist, unveiled his portrait, as a part of a new exhibition opening at the National Theatre on April 13, 2006. The portrait was later moved to the National Portrait Gallery.
  4. The lightning bolt scar of his character Harry Potter was applied a total of 2000 times on his face, throughout the filming of the entire “Harry Potter” series. Apart from this, the scar was applied another 3800 times to his stunt doubles and stand-ins.
  5. During the filming of the 2013 movie “Horns” in Canada, Radcliffe accidentally drank water from the sink tap in his trailer. The water was actually mixed with antifreeze, in order to prevent it from freezing.
  6. He was not aware of it and drank the water, following which he suffered from sickness for three full days in the production period.
  7. While filming his movie “What If” in Dublin, he spent a night partying at a house party with the Dublin Minor Gaelic footballers, who had just won the All-Ireland minor championship. Despite partying late, he was on the sets to film his scenes, at sharp 8’o clock the next morning.
  8. For his role as Igor in “Victor Frankenstein,” he wore hair extensions instead of wearing a wig or growing his hair long. It was due to this fact that he had to be in the same look and wear them throughout the period of filming.
  9. It was reported that shooting the “seven Harrys” scene from “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1” was too complex that Radcliffe counted over ninety takes for just this single shot.
  10. During the production of the movie “Imperium,” the staff used a bicycle to transport between the various shooting locations in downtown Hopewell. When the shoot was wrapped up, Daniel and the production staff together signed on the bicycle and donated it to the City of Hopewell.
  11. He suffers from a mild form of Dyspraxia, a neurological disorder developmental coordination disorder. This prevents him from doing certain simple activities, like writing, an even tying his own shoelaces.
  12. In preparation for his role as Arthur Kipps in “The Woman in Black,” he met with a psychologist to better understand his character and perform better.
  13. Throughout the production of the entire “Harry Potter” franchise, Radcliffe reportedly broke eighty wands, as he is said to have used them as drumsticks.
  14. In an effort to best portray the form of starvation of his character of Yossi Ghinsberg in “Jungle,” he had actually starved himself before the production of the movie started.
  15. Talking about this experience in an interview with Telegraph, he claimed that he had survived on a diet of one chicken breast and one protein bar per day, for months. However, he had supplemented this diet with copious amounts of coffee and cigarettes.
  16. For the promotion of his movie “Swiss Army Man,” he toured the Los Angeles and New York City with a Manny doll. He attended interviews, fan conventions with the doll as his companion. He even had the doll sitting next to him in roller coasters.
  17. Daniel published several poems in “Rubbish,” an underground fashion magazine, under the pen name Jacob Gershon, in November 2007.
  18. It was reported that the “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1” would contain a few scenes of Daniel in the nude, which was actually not the case.
  19. In fact, even for the scene in which Harry and Hermione are kissing, although the illusion given is their nude, both of them reportedly wore jeans and Emma Watson was wearing a strapless bra.
  20. Director Jason Lei Howden claimed in an interview that he felt Daniel Radcliffe was the perfect choice for the role of Miles in “Guns Akimbo,” while reading the scene in which Miles had to learn to pee with his hand guns.
  21. His ex-girlfriend Rosie Coker, who was the production assistant in “The Woman in Black,” appeared as The Woman in Black in the reveal “Asleep Behind the desk” scene.
  22. During the production of the “Swiss Army Man,” a fake version of the Manny was made specifically to be used in most of the movie. However, Radcliffe made it a point to be in every shot of the movie.
  23. The custom made dummy was used only in the shots in which the stunts were too dangerous for him to perform, but still Daniel would throw or toss the dummy.
  24. In preparation for his role as Maps in “December Boys,” he started studying an practicing Australian accent, around six months before the filming commenced, in an effort to deliver an authentic accent for the movie.
  25. During the filming of the 2015 movie “Trainwreck,” a photo of Radcliffe walking dogs was leaked online, leading to speculations of his role in the movie.
  26. However, the photo was actually from the fictional movie, in the theatre scene from “Trainwreck,” in which he will be walking dogs while smoking a cigarette.
  27. He had filmed his few scenes from the fictional movie within “Trainwreck,” during the day, while he was taking the Broadway stage for “The Cripple of Irishmaan,” during the evenings.
  28. Radcliffe was too keen in playing the role of Sam Houser in the production of the TV Movie “The Gamechangers,” as he was a very big fan of the “Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.”
  29. He met his girlfriend Erin Darke on the sets of “Kill Your Darlings.” They have been dating since 2013, with several rumors about their possible engagement. But, the duo never confirmed any kind of engagement news.
  30. In the movie “The Woman in Black,” the boy Misha Handley who plays his son is his real godson, which helped him in establishing an authentic relationship in the movie. It was actually he who suggested in casting Misha in the role.
  31. Daniel Radcliffe Net Worth: $110 Million


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