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Top 6 Tips for Successful Parenting


Today, parenting is a more conscious decision with a lot of research done about parenting skills, tips, and advice. This is also the need of the hour as mostly the parents need to balance their hectic work schedule and family time.

When it comes to parenting, along with the more contemporary tricks of handling the kids, some age-old tips can do wonders too. So, here we present the top 6 tips for successful parenting.

Be patient

Patience is the most important skill when it comes to parenting. You need to be extremely patient while handling the kids. Ensure that you do not vent out your work anxiety or frustrations on your kids. Treat them tenderly. Kids are still learning things, so it is very natural for them to make mistakes during their growing up years as this is also the time that they are learning things.


Communication is an important parenting skill that will take you a long way to make things smoother. Take time out to talk to your kids, understand what is going on in their life, listen to their stories, learn about their friends, their dreams, or anything that they want to share. This will also allow you to know what is happening in your child’s life. Listen actively and encourage them to voice their opinion. Correct them if they are wrong but never criticize. Criticizing the kids impact them very badly,

Avoid pampering

It is essential to understand that there is a fine line between loving your kids and pampering your kids. Everyone loves their kids but, pampering will increase the chances of your kids becoming unruly. Discipling the kids is important as they will learn what is correct and what is wrong. Set schedules for them and follow them. Punishing them if required will not indicate that you love them less.

Practice what you preach

As parents, you want your kids to develop healthy habits. Staring from personal hygiene, eating, or behavior, you want to inculcate healthy habits. But, along with teaching your kids these healthy habits, you should also practice them. It will surely not be a good idea to reach for a bag of chips while you encourage your kid to have fruits. At the end of the day, the kids learn what they see.

Show respect to each other

Children learn from their parents, so as parents, you need to respect each other first. A loving relationship between father and mother gives the kids a sense of emotional security. It also teaches the kids that they need to respect others.

Never compare

Comparing your kid with your neighbor’s or your best friend’s is surely not a good habit. Every child is unique and they should be allowed to be themselves. Comparison only pressurizes the kids to be someone else, which is not healthy, neither is comparing their grades as it puts undue stress on them. Kids need their space to be themselves and as parents, you need to respect them too.


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