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Top 5 Ways To Stop Hiccups Immediately

Top 5 Ways To Stop Hiccups Immediately
Top 5 Ways To Stop Hiccups Immediately (Pixabay)
Top 5 Ways To Stop Hiccups Immediately
Top 5 Ways To Stop Hiccups Immediately (Pixabay)

If the hiccups do not stop after 10-20 minutes, you may try to give the child water by holding his breath for a while, or surprise the child by hitting the back of the child. Here are some tips on how to stop hiccups.

The diaphragm is a muscle under the lungs that goes down when you breathe in and rises when you breathe out. When the diaphragm contracts, the gap between the vocal cords at the back of the throat, where air enters, abruptly closes, causing a ‘hiccup’ sound. When you are nervous, when you are suddenly surprised, when you eat quickly, when you are in a cold place for a long time, etc. There is no need to worry too much about hiccups, as most of them recur and then go away.

1) Tongue out

Of all the different ways to stop hiccups, pulling your tongue out is surprisingly effective, which in turn is a way to hold your breath.

2) Eating sugar water

Dissolving a teaspoon of sugar in warm water helps to stop hiccups. The movement of the throat to swallow food calms the hiccups, and the sweetness at the tip of the tongue stimulates nerves to stop hiccups.

3) Pressing on the chest area

If the hiccup comes out of surprise, first hold the child to make him mentally comfortable, then gently press the chest area to stimulate the nerves connected to the diaphragm. If your child can sit, place them on the floor, bend their knees and hold them toward their chest to release air from the chest and relieve hiccups.

4) Raise body temperature

Babies also hiccup when it is cold. In this case, it is recommended to warm up the chest area with the diaphragm or put on a hat to raise the body temperature.

5) Sneeze

If you put your finger into the child’s ear and rub it gently, or put a tissue in the nose and sneeze, the nerve that controls the diaphragm is stimulated and the choke stops.

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