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Top 30 Best Gadgets for Men Under $10


Our writers are writing furiously to help you find that last minute gift before Christmas is here. If you are shopping for men and you are on a budget, check out this list. As a rule, men love gadgets and will appreciate many things that can help make their lives useful. However, many good gadgets are expensive. However, there are some great things out there that give you great bang for the buck. It is very possible to reward that man in your life with an affordable but amazing gift. The gifts will still help him carry out several activities such as cooking, cleaning, working out, managing time, and other related tasks with a lot of ease. Below is our list of gadgets for men under $10:

L0RJE Tactical Pen

It is not always that cheap is expensive as the old adage states. Regardless of the low price tag, this pen is one of its own kind. It has been constructed from a long-lasting aluminum alloy hence will serve its purpose for quite a longtime. Furthermore, it is endorsed with great strength and lightweight thus one can easily mover around with this pen.

American Crew Pomade

Tending to your hair as a man can also be a bit stressful. However, with the new American crew pomade the nightmare of holding your hair in whatever style lessens. You can purchase this product for your friend who has issues with holding his hair in place. It will go a long way in helping him groom his hair.

Chef Craft Bottle Opener

Opening bottle caps can be a bit tricky if you lack the most ideal opener. This is why the Chef Craft bottle opener will surely come in handy. It not only helps in opening bottle caps but also taps into various cans of juices, sauces, soups, beverages and among others with a lot of ease.

Travelambo Leather Slim Wallet

Several wallets tend to reveal a ubiquitous budge once put in the pocket. The bulge easily beckons pickpocketters and thieves who might not only steal your money but also data embedded cards such as credit cards. This is why men need this Travelambo leather slim wallet that is so slim that you can have it in your pocket without creating any protruding bulge.

Joopin Unisex Polarized Sunglasses

The harsh sun rays sun rays are able to cause premature damage in one’s eyes. So it will be better to protect the eye using a remedy such as sunglasses. This is why you need to buy these amazing sunglasses and offer your friend, brother, dad as a gift.

USB Data Hub

Thus USB Data hub has 4 ports and guarantee efficient and faster transfer of data among various USB devices. It can be plugged into all USB ports and can connect up to 4 additional USB devices. Truth be told, this USB Data hub is a necessity for data management.

Lamicall Cell Phone Stand

The Lamicall cell phone stand allows you to prop your mobile device in positions that still permits you to operate it more comfortably. It has a sexy and sleek profile, lower center of gravity and strong non -slip base. As a result, the mobile phone will be held in a much safer position. Most importable it5 will also enhance the aesthetic value of your work desk or table

JETech iPhone Case

JETech iPhone cases are specially designed to suit various iPhones. It’s raised bezels offers the required protection for both camera and screen. Its design also is unique facilitating absorption of shocks effectively. This special case for iPhones offers easy access to different features on top of well cutouts for the camera and speakers.

Nonda USB-C to USB 3.0 adapter

This is the world’s smallest USB-C adapter ever. It has rounded edges. These two factors make it ideal for storing during travel. It is possible to know whether the gadget is charging or not considering it has a LED indicator.

Universal Multi-Function Portable Spider Flexible Grip Holder

It resembles a spider once it is popped out. This gadget is ideal for both smart phones and tablets. It is such a cool stand that you can use anywhere. It offers utmost comfort whilst in use as it reduces strain of the eyes and serves the body with the desirable posture.

Freehawk Tactical Outdoor Survival Paracord Bracelet

This is a device useful especially during exploration. It is very light and one can take it with him anywhere anytime. It can be worn around the wrist or attached to a bunch of keys. This a real survival gear pack during an outdoor activity such as hunting, fishing or hiking.

6-in-1 Multifunction Tool Pen Ruler

This pen is a multitasking tool with the ability to perform up to six roles. Other than being a pen it can serve as a spirit level or a screw driver. This makes it possible to move around with all necessary tools without struggle. The device is compatible with all touch screen devices.

Led light up gloves

These gloves are surprisingly amazing with their bright colors and their ability to flash and glow in a number of colors. They are astounding crowd pleasers.

Shit I can’t remember

Ignoring the name, this is a striking product which you cannot afford to leave behind. With this it is possible to neatly organize and record the passwords for different sites. This prevents confusion in case of forgetfulness.

Pepper spray

Pepper spray is an ideal soft defense weapon against the attackers. It is good for self-defense for any man concerned with his safety. This will keep your attacker at a distant giving you a chance to escape unhurt. Pepper spray can delay crime by 45 minutes due to its effects.

Car essential oil diffuser

Like travelling in your car for long distances? Then this oil diffuser is made for you. It provides hours of aromatherapy in the process of commuting. Clipping the pretty medallion in the heating vent is enough to serve the intended purpose of aromatherapy.

Spokelit LED wheel light

Spoke light is essential for cyclists. Spoke lights are fixed onto the spokes of the bicycles increasing visibility. The spoke lights are available in various colors such as blue, orange etc. to sum up they are water resistant and can last for 24 hours flashing. No cyclist can afford to miss this.

MacV Tool

MacV tool is a multitasking tool with more than ten components. This makes it possible to serve over ten purposes. Some of the actions it is composed of include; screw driver, line cutter, bottle opener, pry bar, sharpener, nut driver, blade driver amongst others. It is easily portable as it can be attached to the keys.

SE Fire Starter

This fire starter is composed of a magnesium bar, a flint and a striker tool that shaves filings from the magnesium bar then striking flint to create sparks. It is small in size hence you can take it with you everywhere. You need not to be worried any longer about lighter or match boxes. This one has you sorted.

Bottle Blasters

The bottle blaster is multifunctional. It is great as a dog paw cleaner on the go. It’s model is convenience as it can be used as a keychain, attached on school bags or hiking backpack. The bottle conserves 90% water as it creates shower like stream during usage.

Resqme escape tool

This tool is necessary in case of danger on the roads. The tool can be used purposefully to ease escape. With this I your disposal you can cut a seat bel with it or break glass in case of any danger whilst inside a vehicle. It is quick, powerful and easy to use. It keeps you and your loved ones safe while commuting. It is small in size and easy to carry with you.

Nake Fit

Love taking walk in the beach or spending time in waters? Nake fit is for you. You just need to stick it onto your foot. Nake fits are available in different sizes. Enjoy sand and swimming without worries.

Magniband Macro Lens Band

The gadget is powerful, smart and effective for close up photos. This macro lens is attached to a reinforced rubber fiber band that can expand around phones. There are different features for different kind of phones. The band is easy to install and use. It can also be folded and put into a wallet.


Riimo converts your iPhone or iPad into a universal remote control. It supports all IR remote control enabled devices up to a range of 15 meters. Once set up you can use it to control your TV, AV receiver, Blu ray player or other items in your home theatre.

LE color changing light bulb

This is a color changing bulb which you can install at your place and enjoy variety of colors. This bulb comes with a remote which can be used to command the bulb to change into a specific color. There are varieties and you can make your best selection.

Beer Chiller sticks

This is for beer lovers. Beer is meant to be drunk while cold. With the chiller stick this is no longer a worry. The stick is made of high quality stainless steel and available to make your beverage cold until the last sip. It can also be used with other beverages other than beer.

Foam Cleaner

Cleaning your bathroom will easily o a notch high with this foam cleaner. It has powerful Oxiclean stain-fighting bubbles that cleans and makes the bathroom smell nice.It also wipes leaving sparkling clean surfaces.

Breeze Mobile

The breeze mobile is a USB mini fan for PC and Laptop. You just need to connect it to a laptop USB port and enjoy the breeze as you continue with you work. It has flexible and adjustable neck to drive the breeze any direction as you may wish.

Trilobi Magnetic

Trilobi magnetic is a 3 in 1 common Tip MAG cable for all devices, iPhone and Android. This gadget solves all charging problems. It is a high quality gadget with durable braided nylon. It is a quick charging cable you cannot afford to be without.

Guitar side kick

Music lovers are not left behind. With this guitar side kick, it is possible now to read music, lyrics or set lists on the go. It is a small portable device which any guitarists need to have. It is unobtrusive and cannot interfere with the playing of guitar.

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