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The 8 Countries That Own the Most Nuclear Weapons


The world has seen wars and supremacy battles involving superpowers capable of deploying unmatched weaponry for battle. Bombs were developed to provide catastrophic blows against opponents and effectively incapacitate the enemy.
Nuclear bombs changed the whole warfare scene. Capable of delivering far worse ramifications than the atomic bombs used during the World War II, nuclear bombs have significantly evolved over the years. Different countries continue to develop their nuclear armaments to gain an advantage in the event of a war.

There are a total of 13,865 nuclear war-heads distributed among selected few countries around the world. The United States of America together with Russia boast of a combined 90% share of the entire nuclear war-head population. Even though there has been a decline in the number of nuclear weapons around the world, owing to international treaties like the START treaty signed between Russia and the USA in April of 2010, the remaining number of ready-to-launch nuclear warheads still have the ability to devastate the world several times over. Their sophisticated design as well as technological advancements make the global nuclear arsenal something to continue to keep our eyes on.

Below are 8 of the countries with the highest count of nuclear warheads at their disposal:

Russia – 6,500 nuclear warheads (1,600 deployed)

Russia has been engaged in the weaponry business for ages now. Popularly known for the AK-47 riffle, Russia has its armory well stocked with deadly nuclear warheads. Considering the devastating and lasting effects of a single nuclear warhead, it is safe to say that this number of nuclear warheads is astoundingly authoritative. 1,600 of the 6,500 nuclear warheads have already been deployed.

US – 6,185(1,750 deployed)

Closely behind is the United States. it isn’t very surprising considering the long-time rivalry that has over the years persisted between the United States and Russia. Having already deployed a total of 1,750 of the warheads, the active nature of involvement of the US in engaging wars is evident. Also, the “Super Power” title the US enjoys, has to be complemented by an adequate show of power. This nuclear Arsenal definitely translates to power.

France – 300(280 deployed)

The French are a distant third with an Arsenal of 300 nuclear warheads, 280 of which have been deployed. France boasts a rich history that include successful conquests of different wars while showcasing their military prowess against their opponents. The nation with a national dialect considered to be among one of the most powerful languages used around the world, is complemented by an impressive count of nuclear warheads.

UK – 200(120 deployed)

The United Kingdom naturally features on this list coming in fourth with their count of nuclear warheads standing at 200 of which 120 have been deployed. Historically, the United Kingdom was built on the basis of far and wide conquests. The Queens military has made advancements and has seen the accommodation of nuclear warheads.

China – 290

China boasts of having the most populous military in the world. the largest army and men in service the world has seen in recent times. This along with the colossal economic magnitude the vast nation operates within, has seen China develop a nuclear warhead Arsenal amounting to a total of 290. Equipped to this profound level, it is no wonder China is considered to have one of the mightiest militaries in the world.

Pakistan – 150 – 160

Pakistan is a country not new to war. It has witnessed turbulent times over its development as a country through recent years. It has in its armory a nuclear warhead count ranging from between 150 to 160. Enough to cause lasting damage against an opponent.

India – 130 – 140

Acknowledged globally as one of the countries producing among the brightest minds there is in our time as well as before, India has established itself as a nuclear powerhouse with a nuclear warhead count ranging from 130 to 140. In the event of war, India is capable of employing these deadly weapons against their opponents.

Israel – 80 – 90

Known for its revered military might, Israel comes in last at number eight with a nuclear warhead count of between 80 to 90. Israel might be geographically small in size but it has proven to be effective in its combat methods. With these nuclear warheads in its possession, Israel is currently one of the most lethal countries on earth.


No one would wish for a nuclear war for any reason. However, war can be an inevitable part of humanity. This has prompted different countries to make large scale plans to ensure they are ready and well prepared to face any attack against them.

Given the grave and catastrophic nature of the consequences of nuclear detonations, the international community came together to try and limit the access as well as the development of nuclear weapons. This reduces the possibility of the use of nuclear weapons during wars. The signing of treaties by countries with nuclear capabilities has seen the decline in the number of nuclear warheads by involved states. This is a significant step towards the ultimate goal of a nuclear-free planet. On the other hand, technology advances have seen the introduction of technologically superior nuclear warheads that include smart features like remote guided functions.

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