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31 Never Known Facts About Brad Pitt That Every Fan Should Know


Brad Pitt, the charming heartthrob with his larger than life presence on the big screen, is one of the few people who from a very humble beginnings, made it really huge in Hollywood. Since his very first appearance in the industry, he has become a real idol for millions of people. His fans are well aware of his upcoming movies, tabloid news, and humanitarian activities. But there are a few more things that you probably didn’t know till now.

  1. In preparation for the movie “Fury,” the entire cast had to undergo a rigorous month-long course, ending with manning a real tank during a combat exercise. Brad Pitt, despite being much older than the other cast members, made sure that he also participated in the entire training program.
  2. While filming the climax scene of his movie “Ad Astra,” he broke character and ended up crying unprompted. After the sequence, he told director James Gray to replace the tear as the scene takes place in zero gravity. However, Gray simply said that Pitt’s acting is too good and that he is keeping the scene.
  3. Pitt claimed that his small appearance as The Vanisher in the “Deadpool 2” movie has satisfies his curiosities related to the world of superhero cinema, stating “I think I’ve taken it as far as I can take it.”
  4. His face is visible for only a total of 37 frames of the “Deadpool 2” movie, partially and completely together, which is exactly 1 ½ seconds appearance in the movie. This is the shortest A-list cameo in movie history.
  5. In fact, Pitt reportedly agreed for this small part in the movie, just on the condition that he gets a cup of coffee as his pay on the day of filming. His cameo was shot within just half an hour.
  6. His famous line “You’re Rick fucking Dalton! Don’t you forget that,” from the “Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood,” was actually an improvisation on his part. The line was out of his real life experience as a budding actor, when another actor told him the same line.
  7. During the filming of the movie “Cutting Class,” he met Jill Schoelen, who played the part of Paula Carson, and started dating her. The duo even announced their engagement, before the relationship fell through.
  8. In the 1993 “Kalifornia,” his character of Early Grayce sports a chipped tooth. Pitt reportedly visited his dentist and had his tooth chipped for real.
  9. The “12 Monkeys” movie director Terry Gilliam was really afraid about his character Jeffrey Goines’ nervous, rapid speech, as he was not sure if Pitt could do it. Gilliam even had Pitt get trained with a speech coach. However, he just had to take away Pitt’s cigarettes, following which Pitt played the part exactly as the director wanted.
  10. Director Quentin Tarantino is said to consider himself as one of the luckiest directors to get the chance to cast Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio at the same time in “Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood.”
  11. He claimed that his entire involvement with the movie “World War Z” started because he wanted his children to see and like a movie of his before they turned 18. It also didn’t hurt that his boys love zombies.
  12. He was cast in the titular role in “Johnny Suede,” on the insistence of director Tom DiCillo, in spite of objections from the producer for casting who wanted Timothy Hutton to be cast as Johnny.
  13. However, it was also the director Tom DiCillo, who was very much dissatisfied with Pitt’s portrayal of Johnny, claiming it to have been “slow” or “stupid” instead of the expected just childish portrayal.
  14. It was reported that the directors Joel Coen and Ethan Coen wrote his character of Chad Feldheimer, with Pitt in mind, and had no other actor as a choice. They were reportedly inspired by one of his commercials in which he suffered a similar haircut and dye job.
  15. For the role of Paul Maclean in “A River Runs Through It,” he is said to have auditioned twice. Since he felt that his first audition was really terrible, he sent a tape performing another scene to the director Robert Redford, which actually proved that Pitt was the perfect choice for the role.
  16. In the movie “Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood,” he was reportedly in talks initially for a detective role, which he turned down, stopping any kind of negotiations for months altogether.
  17. Director Tarantino went on to get Tom Cruise for the said role, but was not successful. Several months later, Tarantino approached Pitt again, with a new role of stuntman character, Cliff Booth, which he signed on to do.
  18. For his role as The Vanisher in “Deadpool 2,” Ryan Reynolds reportedly wrote a letter to Pitt, pitching and explaining the idea of his character. Reynolds claimed that Pitt found the idea to be funny and agreed to do the cameo.
  19. Producer Rudy Cohen was not interested in casting him for the role as Dwight Ingalls in the movie “Cutting Class.” However, director Rospo Pallenberg convinced the producer, by bringing in four young women who claimed Pitt to be gorgeous.
  20. For the scene from “Burn After Reading,” in which his character of Chad wears a cheap suit, costume designer Mary Zophres had purposely dressed him in a suit with a bad and ill-fitting cut and a horrid-looking wool tie. She claimed that even cheap suits looked good on Pitt, and that she had no other choice.
  21. In the movie “Cool World,” director Ralph Bakshi wanted him to play the role of Jack Deebs, which was also Pitt’s real intention. However, Paramount Pictures deemed Pitt would be great for the role of Frank Harris and insisted on it too.
  22. He was paid a relatively small salary for his role as Jeffrey Goines in the “12 Monkeys” movie, being a “up and coming actor.” However, at the time of the movie’s release, he was a top-salary actor, with the success of his movies “Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles,” “Legends of the Fall,” and “Se7en.”
  23. For his role as Lieutenant Aldo Raine in “Inglourious Bastards,” he met with director Quentin Tarantino at the Chateau Miraval in France. The duo talked about the role over the course of a night and five bottles of the estate’s own Pink Floyd rosé, after which Pitt accepted the role.
  24. During the world premiere screening of “Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood” at the Cannes film festival, his character Cliff Booth’s scene taking off his shirt to show the muscular stuntman physique, is said to have drawn gasps and spontaneous applause from the audience.
  25. Initially, he was in talks for the role of Cable in the movie “Deadpool 2,” and even met with the director David Leitch to discuss the details of the character. However, he was not able to take up the role due to scheduling conflicts and had a small cameo in the movie.
  26. During the filming of “Mr. & Mrs. Smith,” he reportedly left the project when Nicole Kidman, who was the first choice for lead female character of Jane Smith, dropped out of the project. He is said to have returned to the project, only after Angelina Jolie signed on.
  27. During the filming of “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,” he surprised the producers by saying he will not kiss his co-star Cate Blanchett, though he had done such scenes in many of his other movies.
  28. Being pretty adamant about his decision, he claimed that it was out of sheer respect for his then-wife, Angelina Jolie. However, his pushbacks were not enough, and he finally ended up doing the scene with Cate Blanchett.
  29. During the filming of “Cutting Class,” when he was on a break between scenes, he reportedly flashed a passing car, leading to the arrival of police on the sets to question him about his indecent exposure.
  30. In preparation for his role as Paul Maclean in the 1992 movie “A River Runs Through It,” he reportedly trained himself to fly-fish for four weeks, even before the filming commenced. However, due to lack of any river in Los Angeles, he trained himself on top of a building, ending up hooking himself in the back of his head frequently.
  31. Brad Pitt Net Worth: $300 Million
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