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Every COVID-19 Case Seems Different; These Scientists Want To Know Why

As scientists around the world develop life-saving COVID-19 vaccines and therapies, many are still wondering exactly why the disease proves deadly in some people...

Bat ‘Super Immunity’ May Explain How Bats Carry Coronaviruses

A University of Saskatchewan (USask) research team has uncovered how bats can carry the Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) coronavirus without getting sick--research that...

Antibodies From Llamas Could Help In Fight Against COVID-19

The hunt for an effective treatment for COVID-19 has led one team of researchers to find an improbable ally for their work: a llama...

(Video) Bill Gates Talks About When We Could Anticipate A Coronavirus...

(Video) Bill Gates Talks About When We Could Anticipate A Coronavirus Vaccine

Researchers Develop Breakthrough Antibody Test For COVID-19 Virus

Several tests have been developed for detecting the genetic material of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus that causes COVID-19, but these generally only allow detection of...

New Bat Species Discovered — Cousins Of The Ones Suspected In...

Bats play a huge but poorly understood role in humans' lives--they pollinate our crops, eat disease-carrying mosquitos, and carry diseases themselves. But we know...

Corona And Air Pollution: How Does Nitrogen Dioxide Impact Fatalities?

Elevated levels of nitrogen dioxide in the air may be associated with a high number of deaths from Covid-19. A new study by Martin...

COVID-19 Possibly Striking More Children Than Expected

The number of children infected with the coronavirus is far more extensive than what is currently reported -- a hidden detail that could vastly...

Contact Tracing App Warns Of COVID-19 Exposure While Protecting Privacy

Three Boston University computer scientists and engineers are working on a smartphone app that could let people know if they have come in contact...

New Model Finds Countries Should Work Together To Control Coronavirus

Countries looking to contain the spread of harmful species and diseases like COVID-19 should work together in multiple hotspots, according to a new model...
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