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Phantom Fireworks Store Walkthrough, Start Your 4th of July Planning


With Memorial Day behind us, we are officially heading into summer and all of the tradition that comes along with that. And one of those very important traditions is the 4th of July celebration and fireworks. In Florida, the 4th of July is one of the three days where we are legally allowed to set off fireworks, so it takes on extra special meaning. Check out this video walkthrough of a Phantom Fireworks store, get some ideas, and start putting together your list today.

Common Types of Fireworks

Sparklers: Sparklers are handheld fireworks that emit sparks when lit. They consist of a metal wire coated with a mixture of fuel and oxidizer. Sparklers are popular for celebrations and are considered relatively safe compared to other fireworks.

Firecrackers: Firecrackers are small explosive devices that produce a loud bang when ignited. They typically contain flash powder, which is a mixture of powdered metals and oxidizers. Firecrackers are known for their loud noise and are often used to create a festive atmosphere.

Fountains: Fountain fireworks are stationary devices that emit showers of sparks and various colorful effects. They are placed on the ground and produce dazzling displays by shooting up sparks and colored flames. Fountains are popular for their visual appeal and are considered safer than aerial fireworks.


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Roman Candles: Roman candles are long tubes that shoot multiple colored balls or stars into the air when ignited. They are designed to be held in hand or mounted in the ground. Roman candles can produce a series of shots and are commonly used in backyard displays.

Rockets: Rocket fireworks, also known as bottle rockets, are small missiles that launch into the sky when lit. They usually have a stick attached to stabilize their flight. Rockets can produce various effects, such as sparks, stars, or whistles, and are known for their aerial displays.

Aerial Shells: Aerial shells are spherical fireworks launched into the sky from a tube or mortar. They explode at a high altitude, creating vibrant patterns, colors, and effects. Aerial shells can produce bursts of stars, crackling sounds, glitter, or even shape-changing effects.

Multi-Shot Cakes: Multi-shot cakes, also called repeaters or cakes, are pre-fused fireworks that contain multiple tubes and effects. When ignited, they fire a series of shots in rapid succession. Cakes can create a variety of effects, such as colorful comets, peony bursts, or crackling stars, offering a captivating display.

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