List of Major League Baseball No-Hitters
List of Major League Baseball No-Hitters

Here is a list of notable Major League Baseball (MLB) no-hitters, which are games in which a pitcher or a group of pitchers do not allow the opposing team to record a hit:

  1. Nolan Ryan – 7 no-hitters
  2. Sandy Koufax – 4 no-hitters
  3. Bob Feller – 3 no-hitters
  4. Cy Young – 3 no-hitters
  5. Larry Corcoran – 3 no-hitters
  6. Justin Verlander – 3 no-hitters
  7. Bob Gibson – 2 no-hitters
  8. Jim Bunning – 2 no-hitters
  9. Randy Johnson – 2 no-hitters
  10. Mark Buehrle – 2 no-hitters

Other notable pitchers who have thrown no-hitters include:

  • Clayton Kershaw
  • Max Scherzer
  • Roy Halladay
  • Johan Santana
  • Hideo Nomo
  • Don Larsen (pitched a perfect game in the World Series)

This is just a selection of pitchers who have achieved the feat of a no-hitter in MLB. There are many more pitchers who have thrown no-hitters throughout the history of the game.

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