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On May 10, 2023, the twitter account Gays Against Groomers posted a video showing “tuck friendly” women’s swimwear that may have been targeted at children. “Tuck friendly” is a euphemism for saying that men with men’s genitalia, who identify as women and want to wear women’s swimwear, can buy this outfit and tuck their junk. The timing was not auspicious to say the least, with Bud Light in the middle of getting hammered by a boycott and on a stock performance level, with hordes of angry consumers and short sellers looking for their next target (no pun intended).

As of the publication of this post, Target (NYSE: TGT) is on it’s 14th day of boycott watch, defined by when the story started to gain traction in the mainstream media with this article published on 5/19/23. How is the stock doing? Well, they are at -17%, compared to +1% for the S&P500 in the same time period. This is a $12B in market cap loss, compared to what would have been a slight increase if it had been able to track the indices.

Current TGT Performance and Market Cap Gains/Losses

We have put together a dynamic scorecard showing the performance of TGT once the mainstream media started covering the Target boycott. Refresh to see the real time results of how much TGT has gained/lost compared to the S&P500 index, and how much market cap TGT has gained/lost.

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