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Everything You Should Know About Energy Or Sports Drinks For Kids


The question of how healthy sports and energy drinks are is valid, especially for the parents whose kids are into sports. Studies suggest that they do not cause any major damage to the kids, but when it comes to nutrition, the contribution of these drinks is questionable. These drinks can pose a grave health risk to children if consumed in unlimited amounts, so moderation is the key here.

Here we present everything you should know about energy or sports drinks which will help you to decide the best for your kids:

What are sports and energy drinks?

Sports drinks promise to replace the eater that is lost from sweating. It contains carbohydrates in the form of sugar, and electrolytes i.e. minerals such as potassium, calcium, sodium, and magnesium. Often it also contains proteins, vitamins, or caffeine.

On the other hand, energy drinks contain carbohydrates in the form of sugar, caffeine, vitamins, and amino acids. As the name suggests, it also helps to increase the energy level. Moreover, it is also helpful in weight loss and enhancing endurance.

What is vitamin waters?

Vitamin waters are like supplements as it contains various combinations of supplemental vitamins, minerals, sweeteners, and herbal ingredients along with caffeine. It provides energy and helps to fill in any gaps in nutrition.

Is it really required by the kids?

These beverages are known to provide instant energy to the kids and it also replenishes the loss of minerals and salts from the body, which are lost due to sweating while indulging in sports. It helps the kids to stay hydrated. So, these beverages are like energy providers and their consumption is okay as long as it is not consumed in excess amounts.

Can kids be addicted to sports drinks?

Kids can become addicted to these drinks and this is when it becomes a concern for the parents. Addiction or excessive consumption of sports drinks can cause harm to their health.

What are the ill effects?

Excessive consumption of energy drinks or sports drinks can lead to sleep problems, high blood pressure, and increased blood sugar.

Should these be banned?

Well, it cannot be denied that these energy drinks really help the kids to stay hydrated and replenishes the lost minerals from the body, due to excessive sweating. So, it should not be banned in totality. Allow the kids to consume it but in moderation.

Kids need a lot of nourishment during their growing years and participation in sports makes it even more essential that the kids are getting all the nutrients and vitamins. To ensure this, you can take the following steps:

  • Essential fluids: Water and milk are the essential fluids for kids and it should be a part of their diet. Encourage your kids to have plenty of water throughout the day.
  • Balanced diet: Give your children a balanced diet, which is rich in fruits and green vegetables. Also, include nuts in their diet as they are a good source of energy.
  • Protein-rich food: Food items like chicken, fish, tofu, cheese, and, yogurt should be a part of their diet in good amounts.
  • Whole fruits or fresh fruit juice: Substitute packaged fruit juices with fresh fruit juice or with the consumption of whole fruits.
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