9 Facts about British Businessman Hamish Harding, Passenger of the Oceangate Titanic Submersible


Hamish Harding is a British businessman, pilot, explorer, and space tourist based in the United Arab Emirates. Here are some key facts about him:

  1. Hamish Harding was born on 24th June 1964.
  2. He is the founder of Action Group and chairman of Action Aviation, an international aircraft brokerage company with headquarters in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
  3. In 2017, he worked with Antarctic VIP tourism company, White Desert, to introduce the first regular business jet service to the Antarctic using a Gulfstream G550. He also visited the South Pole several times, accompanying Buzz Aldrin in 2016 as Aldrin became the oldest person to reach the South Pole at the age of 86.
  4. On 9–11 July 2019, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landing, Harding, along with Terry Virts, led a team of aviators that took the Guinness World Record for a circumnavigation of the Earth via North and South Poles in a Gulfstream G650ER in 46 hours 40 minutes. The One More Orbit mission launched and landed at the Shuttle Landing Facility (Space Florida) at NASA Kennedy Space Center, US.
  5. On 5 March 2021, Harding and Victor Vescovo dived to the deepest point of the Mariana Trench, the Challenger Deep at a depth of 36,000 feet (11,000 m), in a two-person submarine, setting the records for greatest length covered and greatest time spent at full ocean depth.
  6. He flew to space as part of the suborbital Blue Origin NS-21 mission, on 4 June 2022, on the fifth spaceflight of the New Shepard rocket.
  7. In September 2022, Harding’s aviation company Action Aviation supplied a customised Boeing 747-400 aircraft to transport eight wild cheetahs from Namibia to India to launch the reintroduction of the cheetah to India project of the Indian Government and the Cheetah Conservation Fund in Namibia (CCF).
  8. On 18 June 2023, Harding was identified as one of the five people inside a submersible that went missing in the North Atlantic while en route to view the wreckage of the Titanic.

  9. In August 2022, Harding was inducted into the Living Legends of Aviation and is also on the board of trustees of the Explorers Club and is chairman of its Middle East chapter.

As of publication time, Harding is still classified as missing.

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