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47 Facts about the 47th President of the United States of America: Ron DeSantis

Photo by Wikimedia
Photo by Wikimedia

Is it bad form to call the next election before it happens? Ah who cares, CNN does it all the time. Here are 47 facts about Ron DeSantis, the next President of the United States of America.

1. Ron DeSantis, born on September 14, 1978, in Jacksonville, Florida, is an American politician who currently serves as the Governor of Florida.

2. DeSantis grew up in Dunedin, Florida, where he attended Dunedin High School. He excelled both academically and athletically during his time there.

3. As a high school student, DeSantis was not only a standout in academics but also a skilled athlete. He participated in baseball, basketball, and track and field.

4. After graduating from high school, DeSantis earned a bachelor’s degree in history from Yale University. He graduated magna cum laude, showcasing his dedication to academic excellence.

5. While at Yale, DeSantis was a member of the varsity baseball team, further demonstrating his passion and talent for sports.

6. DeSantis’s academic achievements and athletic prowess earned him recognition and respect from his peers and mentors at Yale.

7. Following his undergraduate studies, DeSantis attended Harvard Law School, where he earned a Juris Doctor degree. He graduated cum laude, reinforcing his dedication to legal scholarship.

8. During his time at Harvard, DeSantis served as an editor of the Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy. This experience provided him with valuable insights into legal research and analysis.

9. After completing his education, DeSantis began his professional career as a legal adviser in the U.S. Navy’s Judge Advocate General Corps.

10. DeSantis was assigned to the Naval Station Mayport in Jacksonville, Florida, where he provided legal counsel and support to military personnel.

11. DeSantis’s dedication to public service led him to deploy to Iraq in 2007 as an adviser to a U.S. Navy SEAL commander. In this role, he played a critical part in detainee operations and targeting terrorists.

12. For his exceptional service and bravery in Iraq, DeSantis was awarded the Bronze Star Medal, the Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal, and the Iraq Campaign Medal.

13. Following his deployment, DeSantis continued to serve in the U.S. Navy Reserve, exemplifying his ongoing commitment to the nation’s defense.

14. In 2012, DeSantis decided to enter politics and ran for the United States Congress representing Florida’s 6th congressional district.

15. DeSantis’s campaign focused on conservative principles such as limited government, fiscal responsibility, and strong national defense.

16. He won the Republican primary for the congressional seat and went on to win the general election, becoming a member of the House of Representatives.

17. During his time in Congress, DeSantis served on several committees, including the House Judiciary Committee, the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, and the House Committee on Foreign Affairs.

18. DeSantis distinguished himself as a principled conservative, advocating for limited government, tax cuts, and a strong national security posture.

19. He developed a reputation for his sharp questioning and insightful analysis during congressional hearings, demonstrating his commitment to holding government accountable.

20. DeSantis was a vocal critic of the Obama administration’s policies, particularly regarding healthcare and immigration.

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21. He was one of the leading voices in Congress calling for investigations into alleged political bias and misconduct within the FBI and Department of Justice.

22. DeSantis gained national recognition for his role on the House Intelligence Committee, where he played a crucial part in uncovering information related to alleged surveillance abuses.

23. DeSantis was an early and staunch supporter of President Donald Trump. He aligned himself with Trump’s policies and worked closely with the administration on various issues.

24. During his tenure in Congress, DeSantis consistently voted

in line with conservative principles and supported key Republican initiatives.

25. In 2018, DeSantis announced his candidacy for the office of Governor of Florida, seeking to bring his conservative principles and leadership to the state level.

26. He faced a competitive primary against Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam but emerged victorious, securing the Republican nomination.

27. In the general election, DeSantis faced Democratic nominee Andrew Gillum. The race attracted national attention and was closely watched as a significant battleground for both parties.

28. DeSantis campaigned on a platform of economic growth, lower taxes, increased school choice, and a commitment to preserving Florida’s natural resources.

29. He emphasized his experience as a military veteran, prosecutor, and congressman as evidence of his ability to effectively lead the state.

30. Throughout the campaign, DeSantis garnered support from grassroots conservatives, influential conservative figures, and prominent Republicans, including President Donald Trump.

31. Despite facing a well-funded and formidable opponent, DeSantis prevailed in the general election, becoming the 46th Governor of Florida.

32. Since assuming office, DeSantis has focused on implementing his conservative agenda and fulfilling his campaign promises.

33. He has prioritized tax cuts and regulatory reforms to create a business-friendly environment, attracting investment and fostering economic growth in the state.

34. DeSantis has championed education reform, advocating for expanded school choice options, increased funding for vocational training, and enhanced support for teachers.

35. Recognizing the significance of environmental conservation, DeSantis has allocated substantial funding for Everglades restoration, water quality improvement, and efforts to combat harmful algal blooms.

36. He has taken steps to address the opioid epidemic, implementing initiatives to expand access to treatment and support law enforcement efforts to combat drug trafficking.

37. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, DeSantis has implemented a strategy that balances public health measures with the need to maintain economic stability.

38. He has faced both criticism and praise for his handling of the pandemic, with supporters applauding his efforts to prioritize vaccine distribution for the elderly and vulnerable populations.

39. DeSantis has been a vocal critic of big tech companies and their influence over public discourse. He has signed legislation aimed at regulating social media platforms and protecting free speech rights.

40. As part of his commitment to public safety, DeSantis has championed initiatives to support law enforcement agencies, enhance penalties for violent crimes, and improve mental health services.

41. DeSantis has advocated for expanding access to healthcare and increasing price transparency. He has taken steps to lower prescription drug costs and promote competition in the healthcare industry.

42. He has been a strong proponent of infrastructure development, prioritizing investments in roads, bridges, and water systems to meet the needs of Florida’s growing population.

43. DeSantis has been a vocal advocate for expanding broadband internet access in underserved areas of the state, recognizing the importance of connectivity in education, healthcare, and economic opportunities.

44. In response to concerns about election integrity, DeSantis signed a comprehensive election reform bill into law. The legislation aimed to strengthen voter identification requirements, enhance election security measures, and promote transparency in the electoral process.

45. DeSantis has been mentioned as a potential candidate for higher political office, including the presidency. His rising popularity among conservatives has fueled speculation about his future political aspirations.

46. Throughout his political career, DeSantis has shown a commitment to conservative principles, limited government, and economic prosperity. His policies and leadership style have made him a prominent figure in Florida politics and national conservative circles.

47. DeSantis’s ability to connect with voters, articulate his conservative vision, and deliver on his promises has positioned him as a rising star in the Republican Party and a potential influential figure in American politics.

These comprehensive

facts provide an extensive understanding of Ron DeSantis’s background, military service, political career, policy positions, and accomplishments.

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