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32 Super Interesting Things About Nescafe That You Should Know


When it comes to coffee, all coffee lovers swear by their cup of Nescafe. The rich taste and coffee flavor have created a place for itself in the minds of not just coffee lovers but all.

Here we present 32 super interesting things about Nescafe that you should know.

  1. Derivation of the name “Nescafe”: The parent company of the brand Nescafe is Nestle. And, the brand name “Nescafe” was derived by the amalgamation of the parent company name and the word “café” to form Nescafe.
  2. Ideated to preserve surplus harvest: The idea of instant coffee was developed back in the year 1930, by Nestle to preserve the surplus harvest of Brazilian coffee and to help the Brazilian government.
  3. Precision in roasting: The amazing taste of Nescafe is contributed by the precise roasting of the coffee beans. Utmost care is given to the coffee beans while the roasting is in process and till the exact color is attained.
  4. Brewing temperature: Roasting of the coffee beans is followed by brewing, which is again done at a temperature and for a time that ensures that the best flavor of coffee is attained.
  5. Second most consumed beverage: Coffee is the second most consumed beverage. Its predecessor and the most consumed beverage is water.
  6. The time when coffee is most consumed: When it comes to the time when coffee is most consumed, it is breakfast time when most people prefer to have their cup of coffee.
  7. Introduced in Switzerland: Switzerland first got a taste of Nescafe, back in 1938 when Nestle introduced the coffee brand.
  8. Entry in Europe with Nescafe Gold: Europe got the flavor of Nescafe coffee much later as Nestle launched the brand in Europe in 1965. The first freeze-dried version of coffee was named Nescafe Gold.
  9. “Taster’s Choice” in the United States: It was after the 1960s that Nescafe was introduced in the United States. The coffee brand was named “Taster’s Choice” by Nestle.
  10. Best coffee brand to date: Since its launch in the United States after the 1960s, “Taster’s Choice” has been leading in the coffee segment. To date it remains to be a superior product and is also more expensive in comparison to the other brands.
  11. Staple drink for the military: In the United States, during World War II, Nescafe was a staple drink for the military. It was also during this time that Nescafe was just launched in the market.
  12. Promoter as well as suppressant: Even though Nescafe had gained popularity post its launch and during World War II, but the war also acted as a suppressant for the brand as it deterred its rising popularity.
  13. The advertisement titled “Gold Blend couple”: Between the years 1987 and 1993, the United Kingdom witnessed Nescafe’s television advertisement titled “Gold Blend couple.” The ad featured Anthony Head and Sharon Maugham.
  14. Umbrella brand for instant coffee: Nescafe is not actually an umbrella brand for instant coffee products.
  15. Introduced the coffee making machine: The coffee making machine, “Dolce Gusto” was introduced by Nescafe and is available across 60 countries. The machine uses roasted coffee beans and is capable of making espresso, cappuccino, latte espresso, and also hot chocolate.
  16. Brand available in the United Kingdom: Gold Blend and Blend 37 are two Nescafe coffee brands that are available in the United Kingdom. Both are variants of the freeze-dried coffees.
  17. Whooping cups of coffee consumed per second: Reports suggest that every second almost 5500 cups of coffee are consumed across the globe!
  18. Efforts to spread awareness about Nescafe’s coffee collection: Nescafe has been making news for its efforts to spread awareness about its collection of coffee. In 2008, the company became a sponsor of the event Good Food Show and according to customer ratings, Nescafe was rated the best by more than 95% of customers who were a part of the event.
  19. Event to endorse Nescafe coffee’s purity: To endorse the purity of its coffee, Nescafe held the event, “Coffee at its brightest.” The £43 million campaign was held in 2009 in the United Kingdom.
  20. Calorie-free coffee: It is only Nescafe which offers coffee at extremely low calories. Nescafe’s black coffee, of course without sugar, has as low as 2-5 kcal.
  21. Band Muse sued Nescafe: The band, Muse sued Nescafe in 2003 after it found that its song “Feeling Good” was used in a television ad, without the band’s permission. Nestle paid a compensation of £500000, which the band donated to Oxfam.
  22. Russell Christoff sued Nescafe: In 2005, Nescafe once again faced a lawsuit. Russell Christoff sued the company after he found that his photo was being used in the label of Taster’s Choice, without his permission. Nestle paid a compensation of US$15.6 million to Christoff. However, the California Court of Appeal reversed the judgment in 2009.
  23. Flash-frozen coffee: The technique of flash freezing coffee aids in retaining the freshness and taste of the coffee. Nescafe offers flash-frozen coffee with its brand, Taster’s Choice.
  24. Diverse flavors of coffee: Nescafe offers a wide range of coffee flavors under its Taster’s Choice brand. Starting from Decaf House Blend, House Blend and the French Roast to 100% Columbian, Hazelnut and Vanilla, everything is available.
  25. Initiative to educate the farmers: “The Nescafe Plan” is a global initiative undertaken by Nescafe to educate farmers about sustainable farming and other techniques for yielding the best crop.
  26. Amongst trusted brands: For recurring years, Nescafe has been able to secure rank for itself in the reports featuring the most trusted companies and that too within the range of 150 to 250.
  27. Coffee tasting: Coffee experts taste coffee just like wine tasting and the coffee is judged on parameters like aroma, appearance, flavor, and body.
  28. The first coffee to scale Mt. Everest: Nescafe accompanied Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary in their endeavor to scale Mt. Everest. And, thus it became the first coffee to have scaled Mt. Everest.
  29. The first coffee to reach space: Not just Mt. Everest, Nescafe accompanied the crew on Apollo 11 and became the first coffee to reach the moon.
  30. The infamous Oscar selfie: With the infamous Oscar Selfie, Nescafe joined the Oscar buzz!
  31. The Solar Impulse project: Nescafe joined the board of Solar Impulse. This one of a kind project will have a solar-powered aircraft that will circumnavigate the globe.
  32. Nescafe’s REDvolution: With the slogan, “It all starts with a Nescafe,” the company started its campaign, back in 2014.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jZtEXMBbaZg
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