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32 Super Interesting Facts About Accenture That You Should Know


The globally recognized company, Accenture is popular as a management consulting firm, offering services ranging from consulting, operating services, strategy, and also, digital technology. This Fortune Global 500 company has grown in leaps and bounds.

Here we present 32 super interesting facts about Accenture that you should know. Read on to know more:

  1. Early company identity: Before Accenture was established as the consulting firm that is known today, it was just a technology and business consulting division in the accounting firm, Arthur Andersen, back in 1950. The name of this consulting division was Andersen Consulting.
  2. Friction led to the creation of a new company: The technology and business consulting division, Andersen Consulting separated from its parent accounting firm, Arthur Andersen due to the amounting friction. And it was in 2001 that Andersen Consulting became a separate company named Accenture.
  3. Name finalized through internal competition: An internal competition was held, wherein employees had to suggest a name. The name “Accenture” was suggested by Kim Petersen at the company’s Norway office.
  4. Meaning of “Accenture”: The competition saw several employees coming up with great names, but the name “Accenture” was zeroed upon due to its meaning, “Accent on the future” and also due to the fact that it was in line with the company’s dream of being a leader in consulting.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KbJoRY0PZ1Y&t=1s
  5. Billions raised on the first day of IPO launch: The year 2001 also saw the company launching its initial public offering (IPO). More than $1.7 billion was raised on the first day of the IPO launch. The shares were priced at $14.50 and saw the days highest at $15.25.
  6. Client base: Accenture has a client base that includes more than 92 Fortune Global 100 companies. Well, not only Fortune Global 100 companies, but Accenture’s client base also includes Fortune Global 500 companies.
  7. Client’s network: The company has a client base spread across 55 countries and in more than 200 cities across the globe.
  8. Shift from Bermuda to Ireland: Accenture shifted its base from Bermuda to Ireland after the board of directors unanimously took the decision in 2009 and Accenture became Accenture plc.
  9. Huge workforce: Accenture has more than 300000 employees in total. The United States has about 40000 employees, 130000 is based in India, which is also the highest, and 35000 employees are based in the Philippines.
  10. In headlines for quitting project: Accenture was a part of the ambitious and huge project National Health Service (NHS). But, the company decided to quit the project and for this decision, it made it to the headlines. But, within the next five years, the project itself was scrapped.
  11. Presence in tax haven: Accenture was named in the year 2002 as a publicly-traded federal contractor, which had its presence in a tax haven.
  12. Processing half of the world’s emails: About half of the world’s emails are processed using Accenture’s system.
  13. Cyberspace protection: When it comes to providing cyberspace protection, Accenture protects more than 25 percent of the worldwide Internet traffic.
  14. Flight reservations: Every year, Accenture has more than 300 million flight tickets reservations processed.
  15. Leverage to insurance claims: Accenture provides the solution to the insurance sector and about more than 40 million insurance claims are processed using the solutions provided by Accenture.
  16. Telecom billing system: For the generation of bills, telecommunication companies use a billing system. More than 20 percent of this billing system is created by Accenture.
  17. Mobile technology: Accenture develops technology, which helps mobile service providers to cater to more than 300 million customers.
  18. Smart grid project: The company has developed a special smart grid project that aids in reducing electricity bills. It is estimated that more than 50 million smart electricity meters can be supported by this smart project.
  19. Consulting services: The company has facilitated mergers and acquisitions of more than 570 companies! As a consulting firm, the company has provided advice to help these companies seal merger or acquisition deals.
  20. Whopping calls handled per minute: The company gives utmost importance to its customers. Every minute the company handles half a billion customer calls per minute!
  21. Goes live every 4 hours: Reports suggest that every 4 hours, an Accenture system goes live.
  22. The deal for Obamacare website: Accenture bagged the deal for the creation of the Obamacare website in 2014.
  23. Connection with the 6 Nation Rugby Competition: Accenture is the technology partner of the 6 Nation Rugby Competition.
  24. Thank Crunchie: Accenture hosts the “Thank Crunchie” party on the last Friday of every month. The party is held at the company’s head office and free drinks are served along with crunchy bars.
  25. Controversies: The company has been embroiled in several controversies due to the suicide or death of employees.
  26. Scandals: Be it the manipulative HR department that skewed the review of employees to cheating a client with a bait-and-switch fraud, Accenture has been a part of several scandals too.
  27. Deal with Tiger Woods: Legendary golfer, Tiger Woods was the spokesperson of Accenture from the year 2005. But after the revelations about his extramarital affairs, the company canceled its 6-year sponsorship deal with the player.
  28. Culture parodied: An employee of the company, named James Sanchez, created the webcomic, Bigtime Consulting, under a pseudonym, in 1999, which parodied Accenture’s culture. By 2000, the employee left the company.
  29. Live streaming of popular band: The year 2009 saw Accenture live streaming the performance of a popular band to 10 million fans.
  30. Awarded several titles and awards: The year 2017 saw Accenture receive several titles, which includes the title of the most admired Information Technology Service Company in the Forbes magazine, the most ethical company in the world and it also ranked 14th in the list of Top 50 companies for Diversity by Diversity Inc.
  31. Best management consulting: In America, Accenture ranked amongst the 12 best management consulting firms.
  32. Most admired Information technology services: The year 2019 saw Accenture being recognized as the most admired Information Technology Services company in the world.
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