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31 Thrilling Facts About Tom Hardy That Will Blow Your Mind


Tom Hardy, with his lively performances in physically demanding roles, has garnered a reputation for not always playing the by the rules of Hollywood. He is one of those most talented actors, who are ready to take up any challenges to perform the character appropriately. His most stylish beard has also made him this generation’s style icon. Still, there’s more to the actor than that meets the eye. Here are few interesting things from his acting career, which will certainly amaze you:

  1. Tom accepted the role of Eddie Brock / Venom in “Venom,” in an effort to please his son – Louis Thomas Hardy, who is big fan of the superhero. He said he wanted to do something that his son could watch and also please him, so he played the part where he bites people’s heads off.
  2. His son Louis, who knows a lot of the character, reportedly helped him and sometimes guided him on portraying the Venom character appropriately, as Tom had very little idea about the hero.
  3. Hardy had reportedly agreed to star as Ivan Locke in the 2013 movie “Locke,” in exchange for Steven Knight being the writer for his miniseries “Taboo.” The project was actually a creation of Hardy himself and his father Chips Hardy.
  4. Apart from this exchange, he also had two additional requests while accepting the offer that he needs a chunky jumper and also to keep his beard. He claimed that both of it reminded him of a ship’s captain, in keeping Locke steering his way through in a storm.
  5. He claimed in an interview that the most difficult parts to film in the movie “The Dark Knight Rises,” were the fight sequences between his character Bane and Batman. This was because, Tom being a huge Batman fan from childhood, he felt like he was beating up his childhood hero.
  6. It was more like he was worshiping the character of Batman. However, he would immediately get into action and start throwing punches as hard as possible, just as Nolan yells “Action.”
  7. Hardy claimed in a Cannes press conference of “Mad Max: Fury Road” that he apologized to director George Miller for the complicated relationship between them during the filming, because of him getting constantly frustrated.
  8. Director Christopher Nolan cast him as Eames in “Inception,” after watching his performance in the 2008 movie “RocknRolla.” But Hardy thought that Nolan was impressed with his role in “Bronson,” only to find out that the director has never even seen “Bronson.”
  9. The movie “Locke” is said to have had an unconventional shooting schedule, with Hardy filming his part in just 6 days. He had reportedly shot the movie twice per night, as it was filmed in a single take.
  10. Hardy is said to have recorded the lines of his character Venom symbiote in the movie “Venom,” during the pre-production stage, which were reportedly played back to him through an earpiece on set, while filming scenes in which Brock and Venom talk to each other.
  11. He was all set to star as a soldier in the in-development movie “Splinter Cell,” but Leonardo DiCaprio begged him to read the script of “The Revenant,” as Hardy is known to never read any scripts. He read only half of the movie’s script and accepted the role.
  12. Despite standing at 5’9”, during the filming of the movie “The Dark Knight Rises,” he had to wear three-inch lifts in an effort to make his character Bane look as tall as or sometimes even taller than his co-stars Christian Bale, Morgan Freeman, and Sir Michael Caine.
  13. While shooting the movie “Legend,” he had 35 shooting days in which he performed as both the brothers – Reggie Kray and Ron Kray, on the same day. It was reported that he would first film the scenes of the brother with most dialogue, then go on to change into the other brother’s hair and make-up to perform again.
  14. He and his co-star Noomi Rapace from “The Drop,” were actually looking for a movie to do together for nearly two years, before they did this movie. They were first approached for another movie, which both of them were not able to take up due to their schedules.
  15. In the movie “Locke,” his character Ivan Locke’s cold was actually written into the script by director Steven Knight, after Hardy acting a cold during production of the film.
  16. During the filming of “Mad Max: Fury Road,” he suffered a broken nose when his co-star Charlize Theron accidentally elbowed him, while wearing a green arm cast.
  17. The very hectic filming schedule for the movie “The Revenant,” forced him to leave the 2016 “Suicide Squad,” in which he was supposed to play the super villain Bane.
  18. Hardy claimed that he accepted to offer to portray the character of Bane in “The Dark Knight Rises,” without even reading the script. He was only verbally informed about the unprecedented access to extensive stunt training.
  19. In fact, in preparation for the role as Bane, he had to literally gain thirty pounds and undergo training in various fighting styles to better equip himself for the fight sequences.
  20. Director Steven Knight reportedly always had Tom Hardy on his toes, during the filming of “Locke,” by asking the other actors over phone to incorporate new things while shooting the scenes.
  21. His co-star Rosie Huntington-Whiteley of “Mad Max: Fury Road” claimed that Hardy would never directly tell her or any of the other Wives from the movie, if their clothes slipped. Instead, he reportedly acted out a cartoonish eye popping out action, to let them know.
  22. For his miniseries “Taboo,” he wanted to perform certain scenes with full nudity, as he felt it’s not a period drama with someone is not naked and covered in blood. However, he was forced to wear a loin cloth for all the scenes.
  23. Still, he managed to film some scenes with full frontal nudity, which was reportedly cut from the final edit of the show. Pictures of the said scenes were also leaked in the media.
  24. During the production of “The Revenant,” he became very concerned about the stunts he had to perform over the course of shooting, as the schedule was very much hectic. This led to turmoil between him and the director, who even allowed Hardy to choke him out, out of self-deprecation.
  25. This particular instance was captured on camera and immortalized. When the filming was wrapped, Tom gifted all of the crew members with a T-shirt sporting the said image.
  26. The 2020 movie “Capone” is actually Tom’s second attempt to portray the infamous Chicago gangster Al Capone. He was all set to play the role in a David Yates movie titled “Cicero,” which never moved forward.
  27. Hardy claimed in an interview that he had a conversation about taking over the iconic role of Max Rockatansky from “Mad Max,” with Mel Gibson over lunch. Gibson is said to have given Tom his full blessings to portray the character.
  28. In the entire “Venom” movie, he reportedly did a ton of improvisations of various weird bits in filming locations, like the infamous ‘Lobster Tank’ scene in which his character Eddie climbs in.
  29. During the rehearsal of the scene, he got the idea and shared it with the director, who immediately accepted it. The initial tank was not built to support a person inside, so a special one was built for this scene by the crew.
  30. His co-star Leonardo DiCaprio has insisted that Hardy would be nominated for an Oscar for his role as John Fitzgerald in “The Revenant,” but he had thought otherwise. The duo had a wager that the loser would have to get a tattoo of the winner’s choice. In the end, DiCaprio chose a handscribed “Leo knows all,” for Tom.
  31. Tom Hardy Net Worth: $30 Million
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