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31 Surprising Facts About Ryan Reynolds We Bet You Didn’t Know Before


Ryan Reynolds has been in the industry for more than a decade now, and no one else could have portrayed the superhero character of Deadpool, better than him. The hero, who was once voted to be the “Sexiest Man Alive,” by People magazine, has a lot more things that you should know about. Here are a few facts about him, which will make you love him more:

  1. He is the first actor to be nominated for a Golden Globe Award, for playing a Marvel character, for his performance in the movie “Deadpool.”
  2. In the 2017 movie “Life,” he was supposed to play the lead role, but ended up taking the supporting role of Rory Adams, due to his scheduling conflicts with “The Hitman’s Bodyguard.”
  3. During the casting of “Deadpool 2,” he met with Matt Damon at a dinner party, and pitched the idea of the toilet paper manifesto, and asked him if he wanted to play the role. Damon agreed to play the cameo, finding it to be really hilarious.
  4. Reynolds claimed that he did the movie “Pok√©mon Detective Pikachu,” as he was excited to do a movie that his kids would love. He added that it was a big one for him, as he does not do a lot of films which are not rated-R.
  5. He was contacted by Director David Leitch to appear in the “Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw.” Though his name is not in the main credits, he also had his fellow co-stars from “Deadpool 2” – Rob Delaney and Eddie Marsan, play Agent Loeb and Dr. Andreiko in the movie.
  6. Reynolds is said to have famously hated his superhero movie “Green Lantern,” and was also glad to see the poor critical and financial performance of the movie.
  7. He claimed that he had a very poor working relationship with the director as well as the crew members, and never wishes to reprise his role as Green Lantern in the same collaboration.
  8. Even in his “Deadpool” movie franchise, he references to Green Lantern in a negative way, to the extent that he goes back in time in the “Deadpool 2” and prevents himself from ever taking the role.
  9. He is a huge fan of the Deadpool superhero from the comics for a very long time, even before the movie was considered by the studio. He first got the chance to play the character in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine,” but totally disliked it, due to the way Deadpool was portrayed.
  10. However, when he got the next chance, he decided to even partly finance the project, as a way to satisfy his own desire, as well as to apologize to fans disappointed by the “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” movie.
  11. A year before the release of “6 Underground,” Reynolds posted a video on Instagram, in which he can be seen talking about the quietness in the Michael Bay’s movies, while a car explodes in the background. This car explosion can be seen in the movie, in which Reynolds can also be seen in the background, filming the video for the Instagram post that was released.
  12. For the 2021 feature film “Red Notice,” he, along with his co-stars Dwayne Johnson and Gal Gadot, will make more than $20 million each for their roles. The said film will be Netflix’s biggest budget yet for a feature movie.
  13. He revealed in an interview with Google that the taxi driver character of Dopinder in the “Deadpool” franchise, was named after “a really cool guy,” Reynolds knew in elementary school. It is actually a tribute to his friend, as he died when he was hit by lightning.
  14. In the “Deadpool 2” movie, it was he who wrote the entire toddler legs scene. When someone asked how they got away with showing the toddler’s legs, for which he replied “It’s my legs and balls. That’s how we got away with it.”
  15. The entire scene made up 11 pages of the finished screenplay, and since everyone loved it so much, nothing was changed in the final draft. Talking about the scene, he said “it was scary to have an 11-page talking scene in an action movie,” but in the end, everything turned out great.
  16. Following the filming of “Deadpool,” he was allowed to keep his superhero costume, though he did not request, nor did he give anybody else a chance to take the suit with them.
  17. For the medical operation sequence in the “Criminal” movie, it is actually a dummy of Reynolds, made out of prosthetic special effects, as it would have been more expensive to have the actor perform the scene. The entire scene took two full days to be filmed, and it would also have been very tiresome for Reynolds to sit in an operating dentist-like chair.
  18. In the scene from “Deadpool 2” in which his character wakes up in the X-Men mansion, he can be seen wearing a white T-shirt, featuring a picture of two cats with words “Olivia and Meredith – friends furrrever.”
  19. Olivia and Meredith are actually the cats of Taylor Swift, the pop singer, who is the family friend of Reynolds and his wife Blake Lively. For the 2016 Halloween, Swift borrowed his Deadpool suit.
  20. In the movie “The Voices,” he reportedly modeled the voice of the cat after a Scottish friend he has known for over twenty years. Director Marjane Satrapi was hesitant initially and wanted to hire voice actors. However, he convinced her by sending recordings of his voice, tailored specifically for each of the animals.
  21. For the scenes from “Deadpool 2” in which his character is talking, he actually performed each scene once without the mask, and once with the mask on. It was for the visual effects artists at Weta to have his face entirely visible as a foundation for the animation.
  22. During the filming of “Green Lantern,” he and director Martin Campbell clashed repeatedly on set, as Campbell was not happy with Reynolds being cast. Campbell’s only choice for the role was Bradley Cooper, but the studio cast Reynolds behind the director’s back.
  23. This unfortunately led to a very uncomfortable experience, with Campbell constantly criticizing Reynolds’s performance and had him do multiple takes to the extent that the actor dreaded doing the project.
  24. Reynolds can sustain holding his breath underwater for a long time. He claims it to be “some sort of weird genetic quirk” from his grandmother, who was reportedly in the Olympics for the same event.
  25. In the final fight scene from “Deadpool 2,” in which his character can be seen fighting with a brick, was actually said to be Reynolds’s own idea, which struck right on the day of shooting.
  26. Once in an interview with Vogue, he revealed that transforming into his character of Deadpool was very difficult, as the superhero’s skin is scarred and warped from the torturous Weapon X program.
  27. He claimed that the special effects make-up that was used for the jarring look, would kind of rip up your face, while removing it, for which he had to use special moisturizers meant especially for burns.
  28. It was reported that the idea of the famous Sea Breeze joke from the movie “Deadpool 2” was actually something that Reynolds and the writers came up with, when they went a wedding together.
  29. During the filming of “Green Lantern,” he faced with a serious injury which separated his shoulder, while shooting certain stunt scenes. He suffered from severe pain.
  30. According to the reports, writers Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick wanted to use jokes in “Deadpool 2” which only certain audience would understand, but Reynolds did not allow, as he felt not enough people would enjoy it.
  31. Ryan Reynolds Net Worth: $75 Million
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