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31 Mind-blowing Things We Bet You Didn’t Know About Margot Robbie


Margot Robbie’s career seems to have started just a few years back. But she has already made her mark in Hollywood, and garnered the reputation of one of the most hardworking actresses in the industry. Every day, her fame is increasing exponentially, and there is no doubt that we will be seeing a lot more her in the decades to come. Here are some fascinating things about the actress that will make you love her even more.

  1. She reportedly did extensive research on different mental disorders, and ended up looking into MMPI – Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory testings, in an effort to better understand her character of Harleen Quinzel / Harley Quinn in “Suicide Squad.”
  2. She added that throughout the filming of the movie “Suicide Squad,” her character’s scenes were rehearsed and improvised, to maintain the unpredictability trait of Harley Quinn.
  3. It was reported that she was very hesitant initially to accept the role of Queen Elizabeth in “Mary Queen of Scots.” She received a letter from director Josie Rourke, explaining why Robbie was offered the role, after which she accepted.
  4. In preparation for her role as Daphne in “Goodbye Christopher Robin,” she took extensive lessons from a dialogue coach, in the post-war upper-class English accent, along with her co-star Domhnall Gleeson.
  5. While filming the sex scene from the movie “The Legend of Tarzan,” she was asked to punch her co-star Alexander Skarsgård, by director David Yates, as he wanted it to be primal and animalistic.
  6. Despite undergoing an extensive training for her titular role in “I, Tonya,” she could not perform the triple axel. The filmmakers also could not find a skating double to do so, as there have been only six women since Tonya Harding to perform a triple axel.
  7. For the movie “Suicide Squad” the entire cast members did extensive rehearsals, but she and co-star Jared Leto never rehearsed their scenes, which director David Ayer claimed to have added to their character’s unpredictability and madness.
  8. During the audition for her character Naomi Lapaglia in “The Wolf of Wall Street,” she slapped her co-star Leonardo DiCaprio a little more violently than she intended and even said “Fuck You,” having lost herself in the moment.
  9. Following her slap, for a second, there had been stunned silence on the sets, after which the entire team burst out laughing. She thought DiCaprio would surely sue her, and apologized to him. But he was totally impressed with her and even asked her to hit him once more.
  10. She was first cast as Penelope Lannier in “A Bigger Splash,” but after a few weeks, she dropped out of the project, due to scheduling conflicts with her other movie “The Legend of Tarzan.”
  11. Jared Leto, her co-star from “Suicide Squad,” sent her a live rat as gift, which she even named as “Rat-Rat.” She claimed that her character if Harley would have loved and cherished any gift from Leto’s character of Joker.
  12. Robbie had been a member of an amateur ice hockey league, but still she did not have enough skating experience, before accepting the offer to portray Tonya Harding.
  13. She underwent a rigorous training regimen, six months prior to filming of “Suicide Squad.” In the movie, she reportedly performed a major of her stunts by herself, instead of using stunt doubles.
  14. The training routine comprised of boxing, aerial silk training, weapons training and gymnastics. She also learned to hold her breath underwater for a minimum of 5 minutes to extended periods of time.
  15. For her fully nude seduction scene in “The Wolf of Wall Street,” director Martin Scorsese has originally offered her to wear a bathrobe, but it was Robbie who insisted on going full nude, as that is what her character will do.
  16. Just before the scene was filmed, she took three shots of tequila in succession, in an effort to relax, as this was her very first nude scene in her career.
  17. She reportedly fibbed to her family and close friends about the nude scene, claiming it to be CGI superimposing her head on a body-double. But after the movie’s release, she confessed the truth to everyone.
  18. In preparation for her role as Tonya, she met with the real Tonya Harding, even before the filming of the movie “I, Tonya” commenced. She spoke with Tonya about the ice skating training sessions and other difficulties she had in portraying the character.
  19. Tonya was worried about Robbie getting hurt in the training sessions, and offered to teach her some techniques, at the ice skating hall near her house. However, Margot did not have her ice skates with her for the meeting.
  20. During the filming of “Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood,” she accidentally took home one of the director Quentin Tarantino’s “on-the-day” shot lists. She happened to discover it only after months, but was afraid to do anything about it. After the release of the movie, when she showed it to Quentin, he offered her many more saying he simply throws them away when he is done.
  21. It was reported that it took Robbie more than three hours to become her character of Harley Quinn. Her skin was painted white and around twenty temporary tattoos have to be applied.
  22. When she received the call for the “Focus” movie audition, she was on a vacation with her brother on an island in Croatia. She managed to get to the audition on time, despite the long journey and having lost her luggage.
  23. However, her co-star Will Smith arrived late and told her, he was “coming from Queens,” she just replied saying “Yeah? Well, I just came from an island off Croatia and I’m here on time.” She believes that response of hers got her the role.
  24. Her character of Kayla Pospisil in the only character in “Bombshell,” to be not based on a real person. Her character was reportedly created just for the film, combining real-life people and experiences into one character.
  25. Robbie was born on July 2, 1990 in Dalby, Australia. She celebrated her 25th birthday on the sets of “Suicide Squad,” in her Harley Quinn costume. Pictures of celebration were posted on her Twitter and Instagram accounts.
  26. Filming the sex scene with her co-star Leonardo DiCaprio in “The Wolf of the Wall Street,” was extremely uncomfortable for her, as the bed was full of fake paper bills. The bills had sharp edges which left multiple paper cuts to her back.
  27. When “I, Tonya” was released and Tonya Harding watched it for the first time, she called Robbie and claimed that she particularly liked the “Suck my dick” line, and wished that she had in real life said it.
  28. Talking about portraying the character of Harley Quinn in “Suicide Squad,” Robbie claimed that it was very much intimidating as she had to do justice to the character, which is a very big challenge. She added that she always considers it to be two different characters of Harleen Quinzel and Harley Quinn, and bringing out the difference was a bit difficult.
  29. Margot claimed the other big challenge would be pleasing the fans, as their need to accept her in the role. Just as the news of her casting went out, she even received multiple death threats.
  30. It was Robbie who pitched the idea of “Birds of Prey,” to Warner Bros and DC, as a female-led superhero action movie. Her LuckyChap production company is also on board in producing the project.
  31. Margot Robbie Net Worth: $12 Million
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