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31 Mesmerizing Facts About Jennifer Aniston Every Fan Should Know


Jennifer Aniston won the hearts of millions of people around the world with her portrayal of Rachel Green in the legendary “Friends”. After winning several awards, including the Primetime Emmy and Golden Globe, she has become one of the highest-paid and most recognizable actresses in Hollywood. Here are a few little known facts about the American actress:

  1. She was awarded the People’s Icon Award at the 2019 People’s Choice Awards in Los Angeles on November 10, 2019, during which she paid tribute to the “Iconic” Cast of “Friends.”
  2. Her character Rachel Green in the television sitcom “Friends” is described as one of the greatest female characters in American television history.
  3. She has featured among the Top Earnings Actresses List by Forbes since 2001 and topped the list in 2003.
  4. Her character Rachel has been established as the show’s breakout character, and has consistently received positive reviews from critics throughout the decade long-run of the series.
  5. Her character’s haircut in the second season is said to have spawned an international phenomenon, which has been imitated by millions of women around the world.
  6. Aniston’s character’s hairstyle, known as the “Rachel,” still remains one of the most popular hairstyles in history, although Aniston herself has expressed resentment of it.
  7. She suffered from dyslexia during her childhood which affected her education growing up. She became a completely different person after the diagnosis.
  8. Although she sported one of the most legendary hairstyles, she reportedly kept a tiny pair of scissors in her car’s glove compartment while shooting for “Friends”, so she could cut her split ends as needed.
  9. In the 2018 movie “Dumplin’,” produced by Aniston, she used several Dolly Parton’s classic songs on the soundtrack, and even got Parton to write some new songs for the film. The main character in the movie is a huge Dolly Parton fan.
  10. During shooting of the 2013 movie “We’re the Millers,” the cast played a prank on her by playing the theme song “I’ll Be There For You” of the “Friends” TV series, instead of the TLC’s “Waterfalls,” which left her surprised and emotional. This scene can be seen as the last clip in the bloopers.
  11. She co-directed, acted in, and co-produced the movie FIVE in 2011 that explores the impact of Breast Cancer on people’s lives. For that movie she won a Gracie Award for Outstanding Drama in 2012.
  12. After the recording of the song “Push and Pull” with Dolly Parton and Danielle Macdonald, Jennifer Aniston reportedly got very emotional, saying “it was a childhood dream come true.”
  13. For her role of Claire Bennett in the 2014 movie “Cake,” she does not wear any makeup at all, except when Roy, played by Sam Worthington, comes to lunch in her house. This was used to create her fake scarring.
  14. In the “Friends” TV series, Joey’s statue of a white dog was actually Aniston’s, who lend it for the episode, but the producers decided to keep it. The statue was gifted as a good luck present to her when she started her acting career by her best friend.
  15. For her role as Dr. Julia Harris, D.D.S. in the movie “Horrible Bosses,” a sexually driven brunette, she wore a brown wig and the glasses she wore at the dental clinic were a custom-made Oakley Radar Path.
  16. In 2013 she was chosen as the ambassador for EIF (Entertainment Industry Foundation), an organization that fund raises for the EIF Women’s Cancer Research Fund.
  17. Her “Friends” co-star Matt LeBlanc admitted that he had a crush on Jennifer Aniston in the very beginning, though he thinks the whole world had a crush too, in the exit interview for the book “Friends…Til’ the End.”
  18. In the 2014 movie “She’s Funny That Way,” she was first offered the role of Delta, but she preferred the part of Jane Claremont, after reading the script. It was also said that she suggested Kathryn Hahn for the role of Delta.
  19. At the end of the “Friends” TV series, she with her then-husband Brad Pitt, hosted a dinner party in their residence, serving bottles of wine that the show’s producer Kevin Bright saved from 1994, the first time the show aired.
  20. Along with her co-star Matthew Perry, Aniston appeared in a 60 minute instructional video for Microsoft’s Windows 95 Operating System.
  21. In 2002, Aniston along with Brad Grey, CEO of Paramount Pictures, and Brad Pitt, founded the production company Plan B Entertainment. However she withdrew from it in 2005 along with Grey.
  22. In an interview, she admitted that she was not the first choice for her famous role of Claire Bennett in the movie “Cake,” and that she was first offered only a bit part in the movie. But when the preferred actress declined to accept the role, she was cast.
  23. It was reported that when Aniston was cast as Rachel Green in the “Friends” TV series, she was already a part of the CBS series “Muddling Through.” However, the latter series was cancelled, freeing her star in the series.
  24. She started her public campaign for the energy drink “SmartWater” in 2007. However public interest in the product increased 3 fold in 2011 after she released a You Tube video “Jennifer Aniston Goes Viral” relating to SmartWater.
  25. But even if “Muddling Through” was picked up for second season, NBC Vice President Warren Littlefield was ready to offer to pay for very expensive re-shoots of “Friends” episodes, as he was so much impressed with Aniston’s work.
  26. In the movie “We’re the Millers,” it is said to have used a butt double for the stripping scene. It was reported that all other parts of the scene are Aniston, other than the butt close-ups.
  27. The 2011 movie “Just Go With It” marks the first collaboration between Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston, though both of them have known each other for more than 20 years, even before they both became famous.
  28. She started a relationship with actor Brad Pitt in 1998 and married him in 2000. They divorced in 2005 and the media speculated Pitt’s relationship with “Mr & Mrs Smith” co-star Angelina Jolie as the main reason.
  29. Despite being one of the main and important characters in the series “Friends,” she returned to the final season only after the producers agreed to finish production before January 2004, so she could focus on her film career.
  30. In preparation of her role as Claire Bennett in the movie “Cake,” she is said to have drawn inspiration from her friend Stacy Courtney, who had to put her career as a stuntwoman on hold after a serious accident involving her legs. After 23 surgeries, Courtney resurrected her career, and even worked as the stunt coordinator of this movie.
  31. Jennifer Aniston Net Worth: $240 Million
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